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Htc P - 3300 / Requesting for Device Replacement

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I am Madhav resident of Pune, Maharashtra. I have purchased hTc P-3300, and right from the day of purchase (March 16, 2008) it became a headache dealing with Customer Service Center and Technical Service guys. Fortunately I have a habit to note down all details like name, date & time of call, while talking to any Tele Support Persona. Special thanks to All Credit Card Phone Calls.

Following is the complete list of calls/conversation.
Date of Purchase: March 16, 2008
First time hang: with in 2-3 days of purchase.

List of calls and Verbal/e-mail communication with hTc Service Center/Technical Support

Representative: Manoj
Date & Time: 20-03-08, 13:00
Me: I reported the slowness, auto multi select mode switching and hang..
Solution Suggest: s/w problem, format it once using “Clear Storage” option in settings.

Representative: Manoj
Date & Time: 20-03-08, 14:30
Me: The solution in last call did not work.
Solution: Need to go to service center.
Case ID Created: [protected], Ph: 40100915
Contact Person: Mrs Jyoti, Pune

Representative: Roopam, Technical Support, Pune
Date & Time: Afternoon, March 21st or 22nd, 2008
Me: Same problems and given the Case ID.
Solution: reinstall the Windows Operating System
In this case I had been there personally.

Representative: Roopam, Technical Support, Pune
Date & Time: Afternoon, March 22nd or 23rd, 2008
Me: The problem is still persist.
Solution: Now we need to change the motherboard of the device. But we need to wait for 2-3 weeks for get the motherboard from the company.
This was conversation on phone.

Now after waiting for almost 4 weeks, waiting to get a call from Technical Support, I called up.

Representative: Receptionist
Date & Time: Afternoon, April 21st, 2008
Me: Does motherboard got available now?
Representative: Get your device to Center.

Now here I found Mr. Roopam has not updated the system/people there and I had to repeat all the things happened 3-4 weeks back.
After depositing the device at center, engineer said I will get the device tomorrow, i.e. on March 22nd, 2008.

Representative: Receptionist
Date & Time: Afternoon, April 22st, 2008
Me: Is the device ready?
Representative: It would take another 3 days.
Me: Why?
Rep: It takes time for motherboard to get available.
Me: But you said yesterday that motherboard is available and get your device. Also yesterday while giving the Job Sheet, engineer said it will be done by tomorrow.
Rep: Let me talk to engineer.
Engineer: The device is ready and under testing, you can collect it in next 1-2 hours.

Now here one can observe, there is NO co-ordination exists. Around 4 weeks back Engineer says he has log the requirement. When I called, there was no such a log.
Even on the promised date representative says it will take 3 days, engineer says, device is ready and on testing.

So after receiving the device by replacing motherboard, the problem increased dramatically high. I had to hard reset the device at least 10 to 15 times a day. There were no certain steps to make the device hang. Even in many points it hang while I had kept it on my table and was not in use for long time .

So now I again called up service centre. I could not connect to Pune center for whole that day. So I called up toll free number. Data as follows

Representative: Vikas
Date & Time: April 24, 2008, 13:45
Me: Told all the history, reinstall, replacement of mother board
Representative: Will talk to senior and will call in next 2 hrs.

No call from Vikas so I recalled

Representative: Vikas
Date & Time: April 24, 2008, 16:52
Me: What happened?
Representative: call tomorrow 9:30 AM.

By the time I got success to get through the call with the engineer who had replaced the mother board. After knowing the problem is still there, he talked to his senior at Delhi and said to me, we will again replace the motherboard.

To make the problem more dark, the prequency of hang and need of hard reset increased to 20-25 times a day and finally on Friday, 24th it did not show up after reboot. I put on for charging thinking, the battery would be low, whole night. But it did not show up any further.

Now looking at all the things happened, I have decided to request for device replace ment and on Saturday, 25th, I personally went to Technical Center. Here I meet Mr. Ramesh Pulli, Head Mobile Division. He told me that he does not have authority to sanction the replacement and I have to write to the company using => Support => e-mail option.

According to Mr. Ramehs, I wrote e-mail on Monday 28th. I did not get any response from hTc by Tuesday 29th, so I called Mr. Ramesh and asked about it. He said team is working on it and wait for another day, hTc will directly call you. By waiting till 30th and not receiving the call, I called up again. Conversation is as follows.

Representative: Mr. Manoj.
Date & Time: April 30, 2008, 13:40
Me: Told all the things and about the mail.
Representative: There is no buddy named Ramesh.
Me: Ramesh is manager mobile operations, Pune.
Representative: transferred the call to his TL, Mr. Gaurav.
Mr. Gaurav, TL: We will work on it. Give us 1-2 days. But I cannot give any commitment on time lines.
Me: But Ramesh said team is already working on it since two says, so why need more days and why cannot give commitment on time lines?
Gaurav: Mr. Ramesh, TL Pune is the one to be contacted for replacement. We are technical support and do not entertain these kind (replacement) of things. If you wish, talk to Mr. Vijay Biju on [protected], he is Manager Customer Service, Pune. Thanks for calling hTc. Have a nice day (and the call was dropped by Gaurav)

Now I again called Mr. Ramesh. He said he will call me back in 10-15 minute. This was 13:40 in the clock. After waiting for his call for around 2 hours, at around 15:30 hours, I called up him again.

Mr. Ramesh: I am talking to my senior. He is on tour. I will call you in the morning tomorrow. We will provide you a better solution.

Now one would get boared even while reading as well. And still I do not have any concrete solution from hTc/Technical Support/Customer Service.

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  • Ka
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dear Madhav,

    I want to know the current status of your problem. I have also purchased a HTC mobile last month and had been to the service centre several times for its talk time problem.

    Pl let me know,


  • Su
      31st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Madhav and Kamal are right. I also have a very unique problem with my HTC3300. My HTC comes out of standby automatically after some time. The backlight turns on and the battery discharges. It happens even when the device is locked. The other problem is that the backlight swiches on and off and on repeatedly in standby mode if you rotate the trackwheel anticlockwise.

    The HTC has been to service centre twice already and gone for third time today. I am also very much frustrated. If anyone reading this message, PL DO NOT BUY HTC PHONES. Its an appeal to you otherwise you shall also be repenting.

  • Se
      5th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    HTC Care Centers opened in India by the end of 2009.They are exclusive authorized service centers. They will cover all the major cities by the end of 2010.This is a move by HTC to rebuild its tarnished image for service in the market..

    Chennai –
    HTC Authorized service center
    A-4, Gemini Parson complex,
    New No. 446, Anna salai,
    Chennai – 06
    Senthil Kumar – 9841553776

    Pune – hTC Authorized service center
    HTC Care Center
    Shop – 11, Ground floor
    Kumar pavillion, Near victory theatre
    East street, Pune – 411001
    ph: 020 30425118

    Ahmedabad –
    HTC Care Center
    FF-3, Kasturi complex,
    Opp Athithi Dining hall
    Ahmedabad – 380054
    Ph: 40027698

    New Delhi –

    HTC Care Center
    A-38, Bunglow road,
    Kamala Nagar, opp Amitabh Banquet hall
    New delhi.
    Contact No: 011 43071735

    Do visit the new centers..Welcome.

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