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HSBC Orchard Bank / orchard bank rip-offs!

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Credit card hidden fees and poor service. STAY AWAY FROM Orchard Bank!!! They will charge you late over draft fees even if you weren't at fault! This company is full of fraud, take good peoples money!...I have tried to explain to them I make my payments timely they will NOT waiver any fees... even if it wasn't your fault. I suggest you cancel there card immediately if you have one. STAY AWAY FROM ORCHARD BANK!!!

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  • Ty
      14th of May, 2007
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    Same thing here

  • Ma
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I agree I have been dealing with Orchard Bank for over a year and a half they keep charging my credit card for some music service that I have never used they tell me to contact the music company and I have done that repeatedly to no avail. I have asked for my card to be closed and they will also not do that even after I paid the card off in full. I am now being charged other fees that no one can explain... This company is the worst and I regret ever having allowed myself to get this credit card. If anybody can get me information on how to file a complaint with the Better Buisness Beurea I would really appreciate it.. Dissatisfied in California

  • Kr
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    I just want to let everyone know that Orchard bank is for those who are trying to establish or rebuild credit so if you have bad credit guess what you arent going to get a amex or visa or anything elese that doesnt have some fees due to your poor credit history. You are considered a risk and if you a credit card than you must expect this. Orchard bank is onw of the few who will lend to this type so be grateful that they even are giving you a chance to rebuild your credit they do report your credit so it does help. I know that the fees are high but as you build your credit you can get a better card. I had orchard bank and started out with a $500 credit limit due to my bad credit but now i am able to get whatever card i want. if you want to rebuild your credit just a patient and know you will have to pay to do so.

  • Pr
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I agree with the complaints that Orchard is a rip-off. Their business practices are simply horrible and very unprofessional. Up till tonight, I have tried to cancel my account multiple times without success. It has required, arguing with numerous customer service staff, supervisors, and managers, being called, out right, a liar by the another member of this bank and then being told I have to now pay a late-fee that was removed by another supervisor. As for the reason for the late fee it was because I did not pay the annual fee on what was suppose to be an account that had been CLOSED for several month before the late fee. Obviously, they never closed the account, but they did stop sending bills until the account went into collections. My best recommendation is avoid doing business with this company and if you are currently doing business with this company STOP. In my opinion it is better to take the lost of point on your credit score than to allow a card from this company to close on its own due to zero of use. Hint Orchard Bank will insure you the card will never close and they will do this by adding unfair fees to an account with a $0.00 balance. After I post this comment I will be searching to find out where to officially report this company bad business practices.

  • Mc
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    I opened up this card and have had them for a year. Yes I dont like the 59 annual fee, however my credit score at the time was in the low 600s. Now that it is better, I am keeping the card open to assist with debt to income ratio. Second, those reading these complaints note that these are a select few out of thousands who have never had a problem with the company such as myself. Also, if you want to file a complaint, contact the FTC as well as your states attorney and credit bureau. I dont find these complaints valid. And to the original complaint, if your late and its not your fault????? The point is your late...period. Your gettign charged. Same as any other creditor and bank. If you need to build credit get a sams club card or something like fingerhut or But be prepared to pay high rates. You get these cards for being irresponsible with your credit. I know I was and now am paying for it, but hey, I can admit it. Also, for any creditor, you cannot cancel your card over the phone. You usually have to do it in writing and have it tracked to make sure it arrives with the card chopped up. That way, you just mail it to the credit bureau and FTC and they will take it all from there.

  • Na
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    I am a student with new credit and was forced to begin my credit through HSBC's Orchard Bank but I am really upset and concerned with the quality of internet security HSBC Orchard Bank Premium card provides. I recently had an unknown person try to pay my card through the internet with a card number completely foreign to me. When this payment bounced Orchard Bank had also charged a payment returned fee as well. When I first spoke to an agent in India which was very uncooperative and sarcastic she told me that This card company did not provide any insurances for cardholders in terms of internet fraud and in these internet circumstances could not refund or withdraw penalty fees although she saw and agreed that this payment was not my own. I also questioned how one would be able to post a payment to my account without going through a bank verification like usual. She understood how this didn't make sense but still told me there was nothing the company could provide for me. So my suggestion is find another card which will provide security on the increasingly popular internet banking front. If my credit card company is pushing my to go "paperless" and use the internet I feel like they should provide me security in this medium as well? I feel like this is abusive and of much concern to us common people, as I feel like this is a scheme to make money on penalty fees. Please look out and ask questions folks, for your money's sake!

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