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HRT Studios / He told me he was someone he wasnt and took my heart and money.

1 Boynton Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 954-663-0013

I got an email from David Selbst with HRT Studios telling me he wanted me to model for him. He left his number and I called him right away. He had me jump through hoops taking tons of pictures for his clothing and make up artist. Then he told me he would meet me in my town in a public place before I traveled to his make me more comfortable. We then continued to talk on the phone before he arrived and he told me all about his so called life he had. How he had millions and a daughter named Juliana that was 4 and just lured me in like a fish. He said he was 6'4 body builder. He sent pictures. Then I bit the hook and I was stuck badly. He then proceeds to tell me I am everything he wanted in a woman and so on. He said he loved me and when he comes to my town he wants to introduce me to his daughter and take me and my son, him and his daughter to Disney. Then we were all going to go back to Boynton Beach and live happily ever after. Ok so now its time for him to actually get to me and meet up. Well first the private plan he was going to used was being used for an emergency of some sort. Then his daughters asthma was acting up and it scared him cause it sent her in the hospital once before. So now he takes her to the hospital and the doctor said she needs to have surgery on her heart cause that’s what’s causing her breathing problems and so on. Now he says he is stuck at the hospital with his daughter and he has a 20 million dollar investor who is going to back out if someone doesn’t meet with him. Rob something. Well I being the sucker I am get convinced to go. He tells me if Rob doesn’t invest David owes him the 20 mill. My number could be off but around that number. Then David just got done telling me that all he has is 20 mill. Well me not knowing anything about his company or him for all that Drives all the way to Boynton Beach 5 hour drive. (I guess I should get to the point) I meet with this guy he tells me if I don’t do what he "Wants" David will lose 20 million. I did what he wanted and then I get a text message that Juliana didn’t make it and he would be forwarding his calls to Rob and he would contact me in a few hours. I was very upset... he told me to go home I went home then get a call from him telling me he is driving up to me and he will be there a few hours after me and so on. Well now I’m home and he just keeps on giving me excuses after excuses on why he can’t make it. Like he got lost then his car tire blew, or he had to sit on the side of the road and talk to his family and this went on for a couple days. Then he tells that the guy Rob froze his accounts because for some reason he had control over it. At this point I don’t know what to think this guy is really jerking me around. I start researching a little more on him and his MySpace page has the Rob guy’s tattoos on it. Then his face book has Robs picture. Now I’m just freaking out. Rob was David. It’s all a lie... He told me that he let Rob uses his email. I looked at the pictures he sent me of him and they all just don’t add up. He would send me more kept on giving me excuses on why he couldn’t send me pictures. I lost my job waiting around for him sent him 60 dollars (because that’s all I had he would have taken more if I had it) it was to get his accounts unfrozen or something. He just was really good at making up stories that where believable to a woman with a child and no money wanting the fairytale life he promised. His excuses on why he wasn’t here just kept on going. Finally I stopped and looked around and realized I was being scammed. He was holding on to me trying to keep me on the hook until I got my car settlement and he was going to find a way to get me to give it to him. I confronted him about my thoughts that Rob was him and he denied it but all signs say it’s him. I got scammed he told me I would have the perfect life every one wants and he showed me pictures and everything told me to go to Google and look at his house and so on. Well I told him all this waiting around isn’t worth it cause he wouldn’t confess to being Rob. I just cut him off. My heart was broken my account was negative because I didn’t even have the 60 bucks...I was just cutting my losses. He slowly stopped calling and I kept on researching because I don’t want him to take another girl for her money or heart again. Granted he didn’t get much but he could have if I had it. I finally found a story that he scammed someone else. Not all in the same way but told her the same stuff in the beginning just not the love part. I guess he realized he had to get me to fall for a man before I would jump through hoops for him. Some people might think no big deal but for 2 months of my life I was at his mercy and did what he want and like I said at the end I was negative money and jobless and hurt very badly emotionally. Well that’s my story.

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  • Gy
      12th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You are not alone in your pain, I was scammed by him as well. I have almost an identical story.

  • Ki
      16th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have almost an identical story too. He didn't add up so I googled him online and found this. Thank you for writing it.

  • Pr
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I know who this guy is too. He is a professional scam artist, he also lied and took advantage of my husband and I. He lived in the same apartment complex as we did. He told up pretty much the same stuff he told you and had all kinds of excuses as to why he couldn't actually prove anything at the time. Loser!

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