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I called the customer service number provided on my bill to explain that since job changes my pay day has changed from the 15th to the 20th of each month, and since my bowflex account is due on the 17th if it would be possible to change my bill date, and according to "HAKIEM" apparently this account has only one due date for every customer in the US that has this product, and the explaination given to me was "This merchant isn't large enough to handle having different due dates" so now I'm being charged a $40.00 late fee everytime I go online to pay my bill, You know what I have to say to this, if you can't handle this account then you need to find someone who can because it's not fair to those of us who have fixed pay dates to get slammed with the late fee. If you can't handle having multiple due dates like every other normal credit card company, than you need to find someone who can. This will be the last product that I ever purchase from this company, and the customer service is terrible too boot, what happened to ENGLISH speaking human beings, I live in the USA I expect my customer service to be handle by someone that I can understand.

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      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I have had trouble on 9-2-08 accessing the account site. I tried all day and still could not locate the correct site. I finally had to pay the $15.00 extra charge for having to pay the bill by phone. Also, I did not receive the first statement and was charged $12.oo. No one could tell me exactly what I purchased, or any information. This is not a good customer service practice. I will be very relucatant to purchase anything from this company again.

  • Up
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    I have had trouble on numerous accounts of recieving bill by mail statements late. On these occasions, I would recieve calls from someone who could barely speak any english that had less than minimum knowledge of what else I could do to lessen the problem, and a scripted list of conversation points that would be repeated if they sounded as if they would answer my questions. Of course not wanting to be late, I paid by telephone, which had attatched fees and of course the late charge for the payment. I then moved to the online bill pay, which claimed a 2 day processing fee. The processing on average has been 3-5 working days (yes, that is not including the weekend), and at the maximum I have seen it take over a week to process which incurred more fees that I SHOULD NOT have to pay. I am extremely unhappy with this service and DO NOT recomend this company for any type of lending in any way.

  • Co
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had all sorts of problems with HRS accounts, fromproblems with the website and being unable to make a payment, to talking with someone who doesn't know or have the authority to make any adjustments and no one in this sompany ever admitting that something could be a problem on their part or offering to compromise. There is just one attitude: You are a deadbeat and should pay every bit of whatever is owed to them. No one pays attention to the fact that you have tried to pay or that payment you thought were made online were not made. You have the responsibilty to make the payment and make it on time or pay the penalty. If you go to the website and make the payment, but it doesn't go through, its your fault and you have a late fee. If you found out the payment did not go through and call to make a payment, you have to pay the late fee and another fee for making the payment on the phone. It is a NO Win situation for the consumer, for sure. The last time I tried to go online and make a payment, the payment was not made and when I tried to go back, the webisite was gone. I found another bill pay site for HSBC and tried to register to pay the bill, only to be told my account number wasn't valid. So I called the phone number on the bill for customer service adn got a person I cound't even understand. the only thing she wanted to hear was when I would make my payment and didn't seem to understand my question whether or not the late fee could be waived or the phone payment fee cold be waived. All they will listen to is how much you will pay. I have grown to loathe this company and all its policies and practices.

  • Al
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    I Spoke to a "Floor Manager" with ID # AT7..because i was having trouble getting to an agreement with the customer service representative that first took my call. As i spoke to that supervisor i noticed how unhelpful he was regarding my account and trying to come to an agreement of my bill pay due date. All i was trying to get to is an extension of couple days to pay the rest of the amount i owed; and not even for $22.94 that was needed to complete the full amount that i owed on my account, he was willing to help with an extension of just couple days! When i was trying to explain my situation it almost seem to me that what i was saying was going through one ear and out the other. All he did is say "Sorry but thats why you had more than a couple months to pay off your bill" but Regardless of all that, the Customer service was HORRIBLE!!! and they shouldnt hire "Floor Managers" like Carlos! That was the name. Atleast he couldve made the attempt to try to HELP! That's what they're there for!! Oh and yes i agree with one of the above comments that was made regarding bad english in customer service representatives, i would expect to understand atleast who i am speaking to. Bad CUSTOMER SERVICE OVER ALL!!!

  • Re
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    I have receiving my statements by mail and they have been arriving after my due date. I'm being charged $39 each time I'm late. Are they for real and am I getting set up for failure while they're making more money. They can take the damn machine and shove it for all it's worth as far as I'm concerned.
    Oh, and one more thing...I am trying to set up payment online. There is no where on the site that allows you to do this. They suggested this and clearly states on the statements that you can manage your account online...but you clearly cannot. What's up with that?

    HSBC sucks!

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