HRRG Medical Collection / unfair billing and lack of communication

Sunrise FL 333499080, US

mY DAD a Vietnam vet and 84 years old paid Walton Co. hospital his co-pay for a 9/1/2015 Emerg. room visit. He was there less than an hour and the bills were exorbitant. Pat Peale [protected], [protected] Case number for MedicareR201609750420
We found out that the hospital had identified him as a hospice patient and he was not. Therefor it took me almost a year to fix the problem.
I was able to get a letter from Medicare stating the problem and that it was fixed as of 5/26/16 and i notified with copies of my Medicare letter to HRRG.
They wait until Dec. of 2016 and threaten to garnish my dad's account for over six hundred dollars.
It is their fault if they did not get money because they did not resubmit the bill before a year was up. And i have already paid ASC which i thought was yet another bill and now find out it is also HRRG.
So if they do send garnishment to the bank I will sue them.
Penny Stephens

Dec 06, 2016

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