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HR National / Terrible experience

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I paid $1.95 for a 7 day trial. I didn't get my username and password until day 7 and of course it didn't work... Then they charged me $49.95. It's a total scam! The username and password still does not work! Why would it take a week to send an automated e-mail anyway? They are hoping you forget about it. Any positive reports on here have been sent by one of the scamers. Why would they rip some people off, and change some people's lifes? Ask yourself...

You also know it's a scam when they offer you magazine subscriptions, and discount travel along with your free house. I bailed as soon as they tried to offer other things and they still charged me. Their puppets obviously get something for signing you up.

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  • Le
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    Yeah we get $1.50. Not exactly the calls we prefer to be taking.

  • Ch
      23rd of Mar, 2009
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    HR National - Unauthorized charges
    HR National
    United States

    HR National is a scam. They offer a $1.99 trial for 7 days but they will still charge you the $49.99 after you cancel it. My husband signed up for the 7 day trial on a friday. They man he spoke with gave him 2 different phone numbers to call and cancel. He also told my husband that the account may not work until the next day to have time to set up.

    We couldn't use it until the next day. We used it twice and it sucked! The following saturday he called both numbers to cancel just to be informed that it was not business hours and to try later. We do not have internet at home so we couldn't look up their website. We called first thing monday morning and canceled.

    That next tuesday the $49.99 was taken out of our account. We have spoke to many different people over a two week period just to be told that they have valid reasons to charge us the $49.99. I spoke with them explaining the numbers we were given. The man on the phone told me that didn't matter because that wasn't in the case file and since I didn't know the name of the man who gave us the numbers that it wasn't valid.

    Those numbers weren't even their numbers. They said because it was 10 days they could charge us the $49.99 even though the account was only logged into twice. They put you on hold every chance they get. Every employee has a strong accent which makes me think they're outsourced jobs in some other country.

    I had to ask for a supervisor 20 times and I'm not exaggerating that, I finally yelled at the guy on the phone to get me a supervisor, then the man that came on the line sounded just like him. We're still fighting them on this and will call everyday until our money is refunded. Not only this drama but its a poor service. Its not even worth the 7 day trial!

  • Ju
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    HR National - THEY ARE AIG!
    HR-National/ AIG
    United States

    Just to let you know, AIG are HR-National. i gave them my account info trying to get a house (yeah, i will not ever do that again) and a member ship password to look at other houses on there website and recieve the information i needed to rent the house i had seen on Craigs List. I was sapose to get my password and user name within 24 hours, then they told me 48, and then they had said 72, and they had told me it would be a 2 dollar fee. It was really fishy but i was so desperate to get a house my unborn child and myself. They just ended up holding money (8 dollars each day) and then aig called me a day later saying i agreed my phone to listen to them and recieve a bunch of "FREE" coupons in the mail and that they would start billing me after one month. AIG then started holding money out of the account also. i hung up and then changed my account info RIGHT AWAY and stoped my debit card. My bank told me that AIG was holding the money and it said "membership fee". i told my bank that i had never agreed to AIG taking anything and i didnt even know how they had recieved my information. I called HRNational back several times threatning the police and fraud if they didnt stop witholding the money from my account and to let it go. after a couple weeks the money stoped being held and it was back in the account. I still recieved alot of junk mail, such as LIESURE PLUS but atleast they cant try to take my money again! But like i was saying, it is just another AIG SCAM!

  • Me
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    I use to work for the call center that handled HR National calls and just a heads up they're now realty partners. Little did I know this was a scam but I can tell you it is not associated with AIG. Generally when people call we charge them $1.00 now but after that process is done we move onto the add-ons which are usually money saving programs with gas cards/dining cards or both. Then we move to an AIG offer and tell you that "your qualified to receive a 15 dollar gas rebate voucher just for listening to an offer about hospital accident insurance coverage. No matter what you decide after listening to the offer the gas rebate voucher is your to keep! If you do decide to enroll we would then provide national union with the billing information you provided earlier, ok..." IF they say yes then they get a call. As far as the clubs go their free and after a 30 day trial your charged 12.95 I would personally like to apologize to any of the people that we have "screwed over". Please understand that the sales agents are just doing their job and it's not like the owner tells us it's a scam. All sales is is a battle us trying to convince you by any means necessary using word play reminding you why you called and taking the risk out of it. I work with people that sound incredibly nice and convincing on the phone but trust me that's not the case.

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