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There has been an issue with my tax return this year to no ones fault but our own. Anyways I called to make an appointment and was given one with an agent for the next day at 1 pm. I was told I would receive an email confirmation with details. I never got the confirmation. I called and was told yes I had the appointment so I went. When I arrived I told the agent at the desk I was there to see Karen for my appointment. She said um well I will have to help you. When I asked where my person was I had a confirmed appointment with. I was interrupted with this agent saying..."well Im helping you now". I was never offered a seat in one of the cubicles. I had to state my business at the front counter for all to hear. She was hostile and rude from hello! She was frustrated when I asked questions and she just shook her head and kept interrupting me. When I paused to tell her she was being unprofessional, she said sorry having a long bad day but proceeded to be unreasonably rude. I took my folder and left the building. When I called customer service to reach out, I was brushed off. I feel the whole company is like this. I will never return or recommend this business to anyone! Especially when there are many competitors to help. Very disappointed in the company.

Jun 9, 2018

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