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i paid them 331.00 to do mt 2014 taxes my state refund they took and never said nothing, i was told by the repairer that the money owing them would come out of my Federal and my state would be mine. I went to the office and talked to Pamela Williams their manager and she told me my federal should be here by the 11th of Feb. and she did not know anything about the state when she call the state office it came back they never received it, so i call myself and my state went into H&R Block account on Feb 2, 2015. so she know why didn't she just tell me. The woman at the State Commission told me it went to their bank, so H&R Block are lairs I will never go back to them. They just what that big amount of money for doing nothing. i should have listen to my sister-law and not got ripe off by them. a loan company look at my taxes said they could down the same thing for 100. and it would not of cost me nothing for them do my state. i am 56 years old how could they do things like that and get away with it. I will and can send copies of everything though a fax but i am using my company computer and i cant scan anything Thank You Nedra Jones

Feb 9, 2015

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