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I signed a contract with Hernan Garcia of Hpro Photos for his photography services for my daughter’s Quinceanera, held last February 14th, 2015. Hernan is an Emmy award winning photographer, having worked for Telemundo. It will be 1 year this February, and I have not received the pictures, photo album, nor video. I have tried contacting him via Facebook, text messages, and phone calls, but he won’t respond nor answer my calls. Mr. Garcia has removed my daughter’s zenfolio pictures from his website. The link in which we would be able to view her pictures is now unavailable. How can you put a price on not having our precious memories, as far as a dollar amount to sue? We just want what we paid for, not our money back.

I had a lawyer send a demand letter in which I am not sure if he resides in the address in which it has been sent to. I am unable to locate this fraudulent photographer to him him served in small claims court.

I am so frustrated and worried that I may never have my pictures :-(

Hpro Photos

Mar 01, 2016

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