HP Smart Friend / service contract that is fraudulent

Buyer beware! I will be filing a former complaint with consumer affairs regarding hp smartfriend premium service. I bought a new computer. After a regular hp update, it no longer would communicate with my printer. Upon calling in for warranty service, I was told software wasn't included in my warranty.??? Then I was told there would be a $179 contract fee, charging my credit card $49.99 that day. I told the salesperson after they informed me of this "contract" that I did not feel I should have to purchase an additional service agreement as the computer was under an already paid for warranty. Before I agreed to the contract, I told the salesperson that if they couldn't fix my problem, I wanted a full refund. He stated, "I understand, but I guarantee you we will be able to fix your problem, so that won't be necessary. This was a fraudulent statement made in order for me to get into contract with them. He then transferred me to a tech support person named antoney that same phone call july 19, 2018.
I talked to this guy (who knew less than I did as to how to troubleshoot the print problem) after several hours, he ended up erasing my entire microsoft account and setting up a test account/user account. He erased everything I had and never fixed my problem. I insisted that I get the refund they agreed to give me. He simply stated he would put in a"request".

One 7/26/18 I got a message on my answering machine from a sherry brown stating they cancelled my contract but would not refund my $49.99 and would not charge a cancellation fee of $70. What the heck? Todyay 8/21/2018 I called and spoke to the floor manager"mohin" who stated there was nothing he could do for me. Terrible! This is absolute fraud and I am filing a complaint with the consumer affairs! Also with better business bureau. This company is full of paid crooks!

Aug 21, 2018

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