[Resolved] Hp Designjet T790hp won't replace defective printer

We purchased a new HP T790 Designjet printer seven months ago. It has been a nightmare. We have had constant problems with it, and it has really been an interruption in our business. They expect me to spend hours on the phone with them while they tell me to "try this" and "check that." Don't they know I have real work to do? And they have sent technicians out and the technicians have told HP to replace it. But the staff in Bangalore, India keep stalling. We have had four different case numbers with HP tech support, and it has been a continual hardship for seven months now. I have asked for a new printer or a refund (it is in warranty), but I keep getting stalled and stonewalled by Indian tech support stating, "We are trying to decide what the next action is." And it is still not resolved. Based on our experiences here, our business can not recommend HP Designjet T790 or T795 printers.

  • Resolution statement

    HP finally did send us a new plotter to replace the defective one, and also sent technicians to install it and make sure it is running right. Which made our business very happy.

Jan 23, 2015

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