Hoyu Bigen / Beware

1 United States

Severe allergic reaction to hair dye due to higher than normal levels of PPD (paraphenylenediamine). Day 1: Swollen blood shot eyes, swollen face, hives. Day 2: No improvement. Self administered Benadryl, every 4 hours, 50 mg. Day 3: Still no improvement. Day 4: Sought medical attention. Received steroid injection, 8 days prescription of Presnidone. Continue to self administer Benadryl. Day 5: Right side of face still swollen. Still itching. Day 6. 80% back to normalcy. Called Bigen. Representative did not speak conversational English. REceived return call from complaint department, who stated that I should had did the patch test. I did ! It takes up to 72 hours before the symptoms appear!


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