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1 9112 Old Number Six HwySantee, SC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 803-854-3870

I went to this hotel in hopes of getting a good night's sleep and playing some golf for the weekend when I went into the lobby the lobby reaked it smelled very badly the owners were very rude and the young lady that worked at the front desk looked as if she hasn't bathed in quite a while she was VERY unkempt. Since this was the only hotel in the area that had a vacancy I had no other choice but to stay there for the weekend well let's just say that I should have slept in my car that weekend the owners talked to the employees like they are dogs the housekeepers are African-American and the owners look to be of Middle-Eastern decent. The male owner looks like he needs to be on a sexual offender website he freaked me out the whole time and since the walls are so thin he told one of the housekeepers to clock out and clean some more rooms and his families rooms(apparently they live onsite) and she did it I thought there were laws against it. Then I left a tip for the housekeepers and every morning he came in to "check to see if I needed anything" and took the tip right out of the room!! I mean who does that? And the housekeepers the shortest one and the oldest one were the best housekeepers there the other girls there were not as thorough in their cleaning as these two were the very short one and the very old one were very nice and don't deserve to be employed by these people(I use the term loosely). So if you're ever in Santee, SC DO NOT STAY HERE!!! because if you do stay and tip these ladies the owners steal YOUR hard earned money Santee is a beautiful place and has the best golf so please have your reservations early if not you will end up in that hellhole!!! And don't use one of those travelers coupon books they don't accept them the lady that came in while I was at their "business center" (which was just a regular hotel room mind you the walls are paper thin)was told that she couldn't use the coupon and was told that they don't accept coupons(why was it in the book?) the owners and the girl at the front desk was loud and rude with her and I think that the owners wife cursed at that lady they have no respect for anyone please stay away from this hotel!!!

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