Hoverkicks / hoverkicks half of the leds quit upon first wear

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We ordered the Hoverkicks as a birthday gift for my son on 4/21/17. They arrived quickly on 4/26/17. We charged them up per the instructions and they were working fine when he left for school at 8am on 4/27/17.

By the time I picked him up from the bus he said they only worked for about an hour. The left shoe's lights quit working fully and they went dead. I plugged them in when we got home and could see that the red lights do come on and flash to indicate charging, but only halfway on the left shoe.

After charging again, my husband was able to find a specific spot that if he presses the right way the lights all come on but when he lets go half go out. It's basically right near the arch so your foot would not naturally have a lot of contact in this area. It's obviously a defect in the manufacturing creating a short in the wiring.

My son is in a cast and is under a physician's note for no physical activity so it's not like he was doing anything crazy in them.

Complaining formally is pointless since the policy says absolutely no evidence of any wear. Well he did wear them for 6 hours, out of which they worked for one, so why bother.

My son is devastated, he really loves shoes and wanted a pair for quite sometime. I only hope to inform others about our experience and if I can save even one family some heartache and $50 then great!


Apr 27, 2017

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