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This company is the subject of a Consumer Products Safety Commission recall. Unlike all of there competitors, they are not refunding with cash but instead with gift cards to an online clothing store.

CPSC is aware of this but I suggest that anyone facing this problem call them at [protected] as the greater the number, the more likely CPSC will advocate for us.

In addition, I suggest everyone also file a complaint with the NY attorney generals office at this link:

At one point Keensford Ltd, which I believed owned or owns Hoverboard360 and was based in New York, but I am not certain if it is still the case.

Aug 29, 2016
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  • Pa
      Sep 06, 2016

    I ordered two of these boards. One for my son and one for my daughter. My son's board was not working correctly from the beginning. It just shuts off whenever it wants and he goes flying. Although, it's kind of funny, it is also dangerous. I called them many times and also sent an email to get it replaced because they have a 6 month replacement warranty (the reason why I purchased from their company) and never got a response. Very poor customer service to say the least! Now 9 months later I get the re-call notice via email. I called in because I do not want a gift card to their on-line clothing store. I want either to have the boards fixed/replaced or my money back. Neither of my children would ever wear any of the clothes on their sight. I had looked at their clothing site a few months ago and there were only men's clothes on there so when I mentioned this to the guy stating that even if I could find something for my son, there isn't anything for my daughter. He said, "oh yes, there are women and kids clothes too." So I got off the phone with him and went back on the site thinking I had no other option. I was laughing my butt off when I actually saw what they had on the site! First of all, It looks to me like they changed what they did have on there for men and replaced it all with cheap crap. Then they have very little women's items, which are all cheap crap and nothing even I would wear. And the children's clothing they have is one page of cheap crappy polo shirts for boys. That's it!! How in the world am I supposed to shop for a 10 year old girl and a 14 year old boy on there? Oh, but the representative sure did tell me that I have 2 years to use the gift cards. Yeh right, if they don't go out of business first!!

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  • Do
      Nov 29, 2016

    i am in the same situation. I purchased two Hoverboards for my daughter and son as their "santa" gifts last year, November 2015. ! returned both Hoverboards in September as I was advised due to their recall & I have yet been able to contact anyone!!! I spent approximately $800.00 between both Hoverboards!!! I have emailed the company several times & no response. I have been on hold with their listed telephone number 877-280-8401 for hours but have not actually spoken to anyone. According to the recording, your call will be answered as it is received, this is ridiculous. Where do i go from this point????

    If anyone has any additional information regarding this matter please email me at [protected]

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