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Dear taylors lord,

Well, I am not surprised that you would leave such a stupid comment. It seems as if you "used" to be a member of
Like I said, "oh how the mighty has fallen!" thought taht by banning me from the website would silence me from speaking god's word against them, but it only gave me a better opprotunity. Like I have said, god's powers have been demonstrated, which makes me a prouder believer in christ. It was all in a matter of time that god would do something about what has happened. The members of, including you, should be ashamed of yourselves. You thouhgt that you would not receive any punishment for doing that to me, but look who has progressed now, god's word. Where are you guys? Oh wait, your shut down. Don't try to test god's word. Each and everytime you do, he will prove to be infallible and sovereign.

A firmer believer in christ,
Taylor adams

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  • Ta
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    Dear Taylors Lord,

    Read comment above. If you would like to comment more, I would be delighted to talk with an ex-member of the inactive :)

    A Proud believer in Christ,
    Taylor Adams

    By the way..."buzy" is spelled as such: "buzzy"

  • Ta
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    To Digital Commando-

    Not to be mean, but do you have split personalities? Because you left responses and it seems as if you are talking to yourself in fourth person. I will pray for you, it seems as if you need it.
    Are you okay? Because it seems as if you are a very troubled individual. I will continue to speak God's Word as long as He gives me breath. There is no stopping His Word, and that is the end of the story. It seems as if you need to find out more about Him, because you seem very troubled. You say that I am close-minded, yes, when it comes to the Word of God. Homosexuality is not tolerated whatsoever, no matter what anyone says. It is evil and it is wrong. Like I have said, I will continue to share God's Word as long as He gives me air.

  • Ta
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Digital Commando-

    You look like a seriously disturbed person from the sight of your photo on your icon. Why are you speaking in fourth person? If you were trying to make a statement by leaving as many comments, I am certaintly not convinced that you were trying to say something. It also makes it seem as if you did not even pass elementary with a vernacular like yours. Please sound a little more intelligent and sane.

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