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Household/ / steals a home

1 United States

Beware of this company when doing a home loan. I was late on payments actully 3 and made the late fees. I went to pay a payment in person, my payment was denied, i called the main company to be told my home was in forclousure, i even tryed to talk to these ppl so i wouldent lose my home i worked very hard to get.

I did run into a medical problem and sent them all bills showing that, i was told they would assist me, when im fact it was a lie. I was then told when you are late 3 times they can take your home even if you make the late payments.

My home was listed in the local paper to sell on the steps of the court house . I had to act fast and got a local company to buy my home so it didnt go into forclousure and show on my credit.

Im on a rent with option to buy back in a year at marker value.

Whats sad to see is i lost over $40, 000.00 in equity in my home . I cannot believe this is happening to me as well as many other hard working people.

Where was our governmant to help us out they were not there. i could see takeing my home if i didnt pay it, i did and still lost my home.

The company whom bought my home JJVentures inc i thought was a decent company to work with, i have my doubts now just this month my October payment was mailed in time to reach them it took 1 day to get to them, . i am sent a notice to vacate the home in 5 days, many calles were made to them to be told we go by the postal date at which there was a oct 02 postal date i know for a fact. A lady told me your 1 of 60 people who didnt make there october payment, @ which i no for a fact i indeed did make the payment, the end result was yes we got your payment acting nice then over the phone.

Well the story here is you get a letter to vacate in 5 days even when you made a payment. Threaten me by mail @ which i will keep that letter for any future dates if needed.

All of this is cause household/Beneficial was going to forclouse on my home i had to sell it when in fact i made payments to them was late 3 times paid the late fees and they wanted my home that bad they almost took it.

Our leaders must get there heads out of there rumps and assist ppl before they lose there homes, this has to stop. We are heading into a ressession fast when more hard working ppl will lose there homes.

Household/Beneficial inc i hope you rot in hell for this and this is too good for you ppl.


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