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Household Bank Master Card / Poor Customer Service

1 P.O. Box 81622 Salinas, CA 93912Salinas, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (800) 462-2016

I had this card for about a year. I was using it, making payments for it and everything was okay. Then one month I missed due date and made a rush payment (for extra $15 service fee) to avoid a late fee. Few days later I find a returned payment fee ($35) on top of the overlimit fee ($35) and then "Account Secure" service fee of $3 (which is provided by Household Card itself) and another overlimit fee of $35. I called their customer service to find out why all of a sudden my card got charged all of these fees. They explained to me that my bank denied them a payment. I thought it was weird, but before I argued any further I had to call my bank just to make sure. So once I got of the phone with Household Customer Service (HCS) I called my bank to find out the reason for the denied payment. My bank told me that there were no attempted withdrawals from Household. I told them what happened, and they told me that there are no payments that were denied, and that mistake must be on Household end. I called back Household explaining them what a teller from my bank told me, and HCS representative said that if I can prove it, Household will take those fees of. This happened back in October of 2008. During the time of me "prooving" it (I finally did it on March 20, 2009), I kept getting charged late fees $35 per month, on top of overlimit fee ($35); because every month "Account Secure" would take their $3 dollars or so. I had to send them 2 faxes from my banks assistant manager (which is Citizens Bank) to their monitory research department, stating that no transactions were denied. I called them twice in following 2 weeks just to find out that I should send another fax, because they are not sure what happened with the first one (I got a printed out confirmation from my banks assistant manager that the document was succesfully faxed). After I sent another fax, I was told it should take about 4 days for them to conclude their "investigation." It wasn't so up until 13'th March (2'nd fax was sent in mid of February). During that time, I wasn't allowed to make any payments because of the previous denied payment (which wasn't denied in the first place). I called them today (March 20'th) and they told me they will refund $70 and there's nothing else they can do. I'm working on filling out a complaint about this companys' poor customer service (half the time HCS couldn't understand me, or I couldn't understand them because they were located somewhere in Asia) and shady techniques they are using to get their customers money. Perhaps if I would'v known better I would'v canceled my "Account Secure" right away and done other things (open another bank account, for more extra fees, so I can pay this incompetent credit card company), but I'm no banking guru, just an average American citizen working hard to get by. Logically, any other more decent company would'v locked up the account (1'st it was overlimit, 2'nd there was an ongoing investigation going on) but not this one. So just because I don't know the system, and shady banks like Households bank do, they can use these sneaky techniques to lure money out of people like me. I'm posting this, hoping that it will, hopefully, help somebody out there in the future. Or perhaps someone has a good advice for me.

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      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    Household Bank Master Card - unjustified increase in interest rate
    Household Bank
    United States

    Household Bank clearly needs to be hit with a class action lawsuit. It's practice at raising interest rates are bordering on illegal. I believe this practice is partly a result of the recent rash of home foreclosures where household bank has lost a considerable amount of money. In order to show a profit they have hit innocent credit card holders such as myself with outragious interests rates with no justifiable reason. I was hit with a new rate of 30% last month. A letter was sent to my home stating that they had been sent a credit report that showed my credit score had dropped and so they were raising my rate from 12.9% to 29.9%. I have had 2 cards with household bank for many years and I have never been late on any payments. I thought I was in good standing. I called them to ask them to lower the interest rate back down and they refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she also refused to lower my rate. My credit score dropped slightly after buying a second home, but I have made all of my payments on time and I didn't understand why they would do this to me. I was told that because "we are a bank, we cannot lower the interest rates on your credit cards like other companys can". I know BS when I hear it. I told them I wanted my card cancelled immediately. No Problem. They were not at all interested in keeping a good paying customer. Clearly they don't value anyone. I wonder if the CEO knows or even cares that he's losing customers by the masses

  • Ca
      17th of Jan, 2010
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    Okay they did the exact same thing to me! My boyfriend used his bank card for a payment of 70.00 and they charged a return fee, a late fee and charged the 70.00 that was supposed to be the payment to my account. The customer service rep told me the same old line about talking to my boyfriend's bank as it was their fault for the return payment. My boyfriend spoke to his bank and even showed them the transaction paper of what was going on and they said that they never returned a payment and that any return was done by HSBC. I am in the middle of working on getting them to refund me the money that they wrongly charged me and your situation has helped greatly in dealing with this. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and will most likely be looking for a lawyer to help me with this situation. Lord knows how much money they have scammed out of me in the past.

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