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In July we booked a holiday for December 2017 (so less than 6 months before visiting)

Before paying the $800 deposit we asked the owner more than once what the penalties would be if we had to cancel as we were taking a chance on dates we booked. He continued to avoid giving us a set amount and eventually we paid.

Within a week of booking and paying we had to cancel due to travel dates from America to South Africa changing. Over email he told us he would probably end up refunding all the money, due to the circumstances.

About a month later when we continually mailed and asked him for our money back he came back saying he would refund 50% and the rest if he re lets the property. The dates of our booking have been blocked out on the site, meaning it cannot be booked by anyone else and shows as unavailable. He will not return let the property and it seems he is not going to refund us.

Initially after speaking to him by phone he seemed like a really decent guy who would go out of his way to be a professional and understand our circumstances, but it seems we were taken for a ride.

House On The Beach

Nov 17, 2017

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