House Finance/RefinanceFinace Hassles and Scams

We decided to get a swimming pool for our back yard in May '09 and called Kayak Pools (which will be my next complaint) for a demonstration. We signed the contract on May 18, 2009 and put a $5000.00 deposit on a $20, 000.00 pool and was told it would be installed by June 8th, 2009. Well the finance company listed above, Eagle Nationwide, called and offered us to refinance our house at 2% less then it was and said we could incorporate the pool in the refinance and get the tax break. So we did. The appraisal was done the last week of June and everything was good. Then they said the house didn't appraise for enough to include the pool but we were approved for the pool for an unsecured loan type. So we said okay. We would finance the pool seperately with them since we were approved and refinance the house and save a little money. NO PROBLEM...So we thought. It is July 7th 2009 and we still don't have our pool and The refinance is not done and NOBODY is returning our phone calls. When they do its always someone elses fault. They Paid for the pool out of the cash out we were gonna get on the refinance instead of processing that as a seperate loan like the papers we signed. They sent us a check for the difference. We won't cash it because its not right. Kayak says we are not entitled to any refund of our deposit because its been so long and we COULDN'T get financed...though we were approved back in the end of May. Our credit score is 810 so financing shouldn't have been a problem. After this complaint my next agenda will be to contact an attorney. PLEASE don't let these people swindle you out of ur money or ur house...STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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