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Hour Eyes / Lack of Customer Service

1 Fairfax, VA, United States Review updated:

There were some major issues with the Fair Oaks Mall location of Hour Eyes. First, the manager is very hard to deal with. She does not listen to the customer. I had two major issues that took a lot of research to get straighten out. The first issue was that the sales rep I had, basically did not know what my insurance benefits were. This seemed very unprofessional because my insurance was on the sign that was posted at the entrance and it is one of the big insurance companies they accept. I asked if I could buy my contacts lenses and lenses for my glasses separate (it costs $145 per lens). He said no problem. He had failed to mention if I had bought them together, I would have gotten 50% off of my glass lenses ($145). I wasn't sure if I wanted new glasses and lenses at the time because the store is super over priced i would be spending close to $400 and insurance barely covers it. Plus, the sales people are like vultures, and hover around you as you browse. The following day, I went to the store to save money and buy just replacement lenses. I told who I thought was a manager that the sales person never told me I was supposed to get 50% off. She only agreed on giving me 30% off. So I said fine, thinking that was the best i could do. The next day I felt cheated, I called the Tyson's Hour Eyes to verify the price. I asked if I was right and should've gotten 50%. As we are going through the receipt over the phone, I found that I only got 20% and not the 30% I was promised by the manager! The Tyson's Hour Eyes sided with me and called the other store manager. I get a phone call later from Fair Oaks Hour eyes and was told i would get my total 50% which is a total of $145. So I drive over there, I didn't want to give them my credit card number over the phone. I thought that was the end of it. They send out the sales manager to fix my problem. I don't even get an apology for the inconvenience.
My sister bought contacts and glasses but she was also unaware that she was supposed to get 50% as well. She gets a refund but the math still does not seem right. So we tell the manager and they said they could not override their system to get a complete refund. So the sales manager goes to the back and 3 other sales people take 40 minutes to manually figure out the math. Again, there is no apology by the manager for making us wait or explain why their database isn't updated. Why am I sticking with this store? The manager said it would take weeks to get my credit back for my insurance. My sister had a problem with a different Hour Eyes and they basically never process the insurance paper work. I didn't want to go through that.
At the time, it takes contact lenses 7 days to come in and 10 days for glass lenses (high index poly carb, anti reflection) to come in. I got a phone call just saying that my stuff needed to be picked up. So I try to save gas and time by picking up my contacts and glass lenses together. They failed to tell me that the glasses lens cutting area closes at 6pm but I was there waiting about 5:30. So I leave my glasses and take my contacts. I'm basically legally blind at this point. They make me sign something. I thought it was a signature for receiving the contacts. I come in the next day, I try on my glasses and I immediately know there is something wrong with my glasses. First there was a huge distortion I saw on the sides. This is not normal, I've been wearing glasses for most of my life. The sales guy said it was because I was not used to the new prescription. I said fine, I'll come in later if there's anything wrong. I said fine because of all the stress this store put on me from before, I wanted to leave! I left and as we are driving away I noticed a large chunk of glass missing in my left lens. I also noticed that the reason my glasses did not fit was that they had miscut and forced the frames around the lenses. I was furious. I also noticed after spending a day with my glasses I had a severe headache. Now I'm really annoyed. I called the store and basically they could not see me right away. As a follow-up patient I was lower priority then a walk in patient. I did not want to deal with a line, or wait at the store. I did not have time. They acted like I lived in the area. I have to drive 40 minutes to get there. I had to wait 4 days with these glasses before I could see the doctor. The contacts also had problems. The distance vision is perfect but when I tried to read something my contacts felt like they were moving or blurry. So I finally get over to the store to see the doctor. I told the doctor about the price problem and the vision problem and the poor craftsmanship of my glass lenses. She seemed very sympathetic. She had more authority than the retail manger. This is the same retail manager who only gave me 20%! So at this point she tells me that it will take 10 days to get new contact lenses (used to be 7 days) and 14 days (was 10 days a week ago) to get lenses for my glasses! She makes no effort to apologize for the giant chunk of glass missing due to carelessness. She also did not care if I was getting a headache from the new glasses. She wanted me to wait 14 days with this severe headache! So I told them put the old lenses in. It seemed every word this manager had said was a lie. At this point, I told them to transfer everything to the Tyson's location of Hour Eyes. The manager is trying to keep me here and refuses to transfer everything to the Tyson's store. Finally she relents and she said she would over night my records to the other store. Next day I called Tyson's Hour Eyes and my records weren't sent. My records get sent 4 days later. I chose Tyson's Hour Eyes because they have been honest. I’m still willing to give Hour Eyes one last chance.

I’m not sure if I can completely trust any location of HOUR EYES at all. Buy your lenses from somewhere else. HOUR EYES is part of a chain that also operates under different names. HOUR EYES prides itself on customer satisfaction. I am not satisfied. I was emotionally and physically hurt by them. I don’t think I will seek legal action over this matter. I just want to warn people not to go to HOUR EYES.

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  • Sa
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I sympathize with you I am still waiting for a response about my complaint .I will not be doing any more business with hours, I agree they are not customer friendly they need overall training on how to communicate with the customers, and call them back in a timely manner!

  • Ja
      19th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got a pair of prescription sunglasses from the Fair Oaks store. One lens fell out while I was in Argentina. Fortunately, I had the lens and the screw and my hotel managed to find a screwdriver to put it back together. But when I got home, the OTHER lens fell out. I took it back to the store. They did not want to fix it, but finally agreed. They said it would take 2 weeks. I said fine but a month later they still hadn't called. I finally called them and they said the glasses were ready. They claimed to have called, but I didn't have any missed calls or messages from them. Then, this week, the same lens fell out AGAIN! I can tell you, I'm not going back!

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