Hotels are cheating in goaHotels cheating to the foreigners and Indians as well

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It is noticed that now a days, Hotels like Royal Resort-Goa are cheating to foreign and NRE customers. They are sending mails for offers, and by mis-guiding they collect the money's from them and then asking that client can change the dates as they required with the prior notice of 20 days. But when we want to change or confirm the bookings they always replied the hotel is full now so you can come other days, when we asked any confirming documents, then they dont send.
I got confirmation (1st) then I want to change but since last 1 month they are playing with us and dont reply to our mails. I guess this is a very big racket of cheaters. Which will not only affect the tourism business but also spoiling an image of Goa, India. So could you please take it serious to stop such things.

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  • Fo
      Nov 07, 2012

    Royal Resorts also does the same thing in Bali, and I am one of the victims, unfortunately

    Wonder how we can get together and put a light on this big time scammer so governments will finally notice and investigate...!

    Are we that powerless, to be trampled all over the place by this company?? We are thousands if not hundreds of thoussands, all over the world..., victims of this company

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  • Fo
      Nov 07, 2012

    I wonder if terrorists will just bomb their offices, and put a stop in this painful scam

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