Hotel Un Patio en Santa Cruz / Theft

1 Spain
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My husband and I stayed at Hotel Un Patio en Santa Cruz for two nights (March 1-3). Initially we had to change rooms twice because of a sewer and paint smell. When we finally settled into a third room, we placed our valuables in the room`s safe. On March 2nd, in the evening, after paying our bill we discovered that 600 USD was missing from the locked safe. We reported it to the police immediately. The personnel on duty stated it was “impossible” and suggested to the police that we were lying.
The staff also refused to give us information on how to file an official complaint (reclamacion).

The police did not begin their investigation until Monday, 2 days after the theft.

The manager/owner, Gertrand Garcia, did not reply to my email until 2 days after I wrote him, 4 days after the theft, but assumes no responsibility for our losses and has since refused to reply to questions regarding the investigation. When I stated I had a duty to warn other travelers of the safety issues at his hotel, he wrote, “I just warn you not to enter in defamation, you will lose. I mean it.”

The manager has since stopped answering our continued requests regarding information about the investigation as well as how to file a reclamation. He did write a rebuttal to our review on tripadvisor stating the theft was “something impossible, ” and no evidence of forced entry. We never claimed forced entry; rather that someone in the hotel had access to the key that could open the locked safe.

We were on vacation and would not want anyone to experience what we had to. Not only was $600 stolen from us from a “secure” safe in a reputable hotel, but the callousness and unprofessionalism of the hotel, its owner and the police are disheartening. I am happy to share the email exchange I mentioned, the police report and more details of the events. Going to this hotel was the worse mistake we made.

We understand the unlikelihood of recovering the money, but we are having a difficult time finding help from Spanish authorities or even the European Union. Are there no government agencies that deal with these types of situations? Is there any assistance for travellers?

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