hotel san jordi / cancellation fees, rude and negligent manager

on the 17th oct we booked a hotel room with for hotel san jordi for a price of 30 euros. upon arriving to the hotel the receptionist explained that the parking was an additional 12 euro and was a 10 minute walk from the hotel. we weaned happy about it so i asked the receptionist if we cancelled the room would we have to pay a cancellation fee and he assured me no. so we left to find a hotel with a car park. one week later we saw that the full price of the hotel room was charged to our credit card. after calling the hotel and speaking to the manager Christina Domingues she explained that we were charged the full price as a no show i explained to her that i had spoken to the receptionist and he assured me there was no fee and that if i had to pay even the cancellation fee which was fifty percent i would of taken the room instead of paying for another one plus the fifty percent cancellation fee, but she was persistent that we were a no show and there was nothing she was willing to do to rectify it or refund the money that was taken wrongly from our account.


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