Hotel Orchid / Extremely noisy

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My husband and I stayed at the hotel, that we booked online because it was one of the only hotels available and the picture showed clean rooms and the services provided and the price per night were agreeable to us, also it was within walking distance to the boardwalk and hotel were other family members were staying. Upon arrival the hotel lobby was filthy. The main door was disgusting, the carpet was unclean and the lobby was dimly lit. We checked in and proceeded to our room. The glass door to the entrance of our floor was just as filthy as the main entrance door. The carpeting in our room was dirty the air conditioner was unclean and extremely noisy. My husband is heat and air technician and cleans boilers and air conditioners, and said that the air conditioner was very dirty and that's why it was so noisy. Also, it was blowing dust into the air because it needed clean. We did not have access to the television in the room for a day and a half because there was not a remote changer in the room. Before unpacking I call housekeeping and the front desk to ask for a remote for the television. After unpacking and leaving for the evening we stopped at the front desk to ask that a remote be placed in the room. It wasn't until the following evening that a remote was placed in our room. Also, the toilet was noisy, it was constantly running. My husband did remove the lid to see if he could see what the problem was and it need a new bulb mechanism. Finally, we were promised a king/queen size bed they did not have any available upon check in so we had two full size beds, which was okay if that would have changed the sheets. And if all of the above isn't enough our vehicle was accidentally spray painted from bumper to bumper, windows also, with spray paint while parked in the hotel parking lot. The owner and general manager, assured us that they would take care of repairs for all of the vehicles involved but, he is now refusing to make good on that promise. But no nothing was done. We have sent the following letter to the prosecutor of Atlantic City and several other e-mails to. I.e. corporate, customer relations etc. no one seems to be willing to help us.

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