Hotel Galvez / Wedding Rip off 2012

1 Galveston, TX, United States
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To whom it may concern:
I recently had the misfortune to stay at the Hotel Galvez along with family and guests who were attending my daughter’s wedding. 
We pre-paid for rooms in January 2012 with a contract calling for 10 ocean front rooms all on the 5thfloor.  When it came time to check in, rooms were scattered over two floors with only one ocean view room.  We were informed by two of our guests that they were charged $515 for a room that we had already paid for.  Those guests were put into a financial situation because the Hotel Galvez completely mismanaged my reservations.  Two rooms for our guests had no air conditioning and we were told by maintenance that the hotel had 200 rooms without AC.
The Honeymoon Suite, again at over $500 a night, had a tub that didn’t drain, and when the issue was called in to the front desk I was hung up on and the problem wasn’t solved.
For our daughter’s reception we purchased the four hour ‘Gold Package’.  Our food came covering both ends of the spectrum, either under cooked and bloody or shoe leather dry.  Of the 5 chicken dinners ordered only 2 arrived and that was twenty minutes after everyone else had been served. The children were lucky to share those, I suppose?
We were under the impression that this would ensure that the reception would not run out of basics such as bottled beer.  My guests were then served beer from the bar in cans… which they then found out from security, was not allowed on the premises.  Some of my guests were rudely told to leave the premises because they held canned beer served by hotel staff.  
While a guest at the Hotel Galvez, I was tending to so many issues related to rooms and catering I didn’t have time to have photos taken with my daughter.  
Since I cannot find resolution from the Hotel Galvez directly, I’ll take my issue to social media in hopes that someone other than the disinterested hotel manager reaches out to help sort out these issues.  Since the Hotel Galvez thinks that Facebook is the wrong place to air this issue I feel is in my best interest to inform as many people as possible in an effort to save others from having their special days ruined.
While I can and do understand that not every event will go flawlessly, I cannot accept that so many things were wrong with our event and that between issues with security, catering, the front desk and post event, hotel management, I will continue to spread the word that the Hotel Galvez of the Wyndham chain leaves guests with empty wallets and hollow promises once the contracts have been signed.

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