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Hotel 71 / Bad service

1 United States

Hotel 71 in Chicago Il. 71 E. Wacker Dr. The hotel allowed someone who was not a guest of mine access into my room. That person proceeded to lock my guests and I out of our room. After knocking on the door we went to the front desk where one of the hotel employees went upstairs and continued to knock on the door along with us for about 15 minutes. The hotel engineer was called to help us into our room, the entire time I am asking who is in my room if everyone is with me. A friend of a friend of a friend had used my name to gain access to my room. She was not the person listed as name for the hotel nor was she with me when I returned that night. Once we were finally in the room and sleeping, hotel staff came back and asked us to leave due to the noise complaints, a majority of which took place while the staff assisted us. We followed the correct procedure by asking for help from the hotel staff. Police were called before we had the chance to speak with anyone and we left the hotel. I stated that I would not be paying for the room and the management said that was fine. I called the next day to speak with mgt and was told due to the noise that was made and complaints called in we would have to pay for the room because of the free comps the hotel had to issue out. I stated that none of that would have happened if the hotel had not allowed someone who wasn't supposed to be there into my room. The hotel said that there were more people in the room then had registered, that night and again on the phone I stated that I had offered to pay for the extra guests if we were to stay. The general manager told me to suck up the fact that I would have to pay for the charges and take it as a life lesson on how to behave. I asked why was it that an uninvited guest was allowed into my room and the GM said that he did not have to explain his actions to me. He also said if we would have taken the proper measures none of this would have happened. He said the proper measures were to have gone to the front desk for help, which I told him we did. He proceeded to hang up on me.


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