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NIGHTMARE IN A THERMOSPAS HOT TUB Not one, two problematic hot tubs but it's the horrendous service and rudeness of the employees that is the biggest disappointment. Read on for the full story. Our first hot tub developed a lamination problem after 2 years of use. Apparently, this was a common complaint and we were sent a different hot tub.

NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS The delivery men called two hours late to inform us that they were held up. My daughter took the call and, in her opinion, the man was slurring his words. They took another 2 hours to get to our house, a 45 minute drive from where they were. (Atlantic City area). They began to switch the old tub with the new one. The man had difficulty getting the electric drill lined up with the screws on the tub. After several tries he did manage to get the screws out. He managed to assemble the hoses and finally the electric box, cursing all the while. The electric wiring gave him the most trouble. Finally, all that had to be done was to fill the tub. I was already late for an appointment so I waited until later to begin filling the tub. It didn't take long for the tub to start leaking. The gasket was not put back properly. We took the panel off to fix the problem when we noticed holes in the paneling from the drill. I further inspected the tub and there were holes and split panels all over the tub. We contacted the service department and they sent us some unfinished panels. We only asked for the visible panels. There were many more but the holes were covered by the small slats. We stained the new panels and replaced the damaged ones. THE NIGHTMARE GETS WORSE One month later, the tub was filled with a gray, slimy, substance that resembled mucus. Our first thought was that did we had done something wrong. We never had anything but crystal clear water with the other tub and did nothing differently with this one. We drained the tub and cleaned the lines with Thermospas bath and line cleaner. Of course, we followed the directions exactly as written. After about a week the water became cloudy and soon the slime was back. We ended up draining the tub again and again and again. Still, the same result, one week later the slime was back. We decided to call the service department at Thermospas. They asked us for a water sample which we sent. After two months, I had to call for the results. The man had quit and the sample had been lost. I was convinced that something was not working properly because no mater how often we drained the tub, the water would be unhealthy looking within a week. After many long telephone conversations where I insisted over and over again that we were doing everything correctly and using Thermospa chemicals, they finally sent a technician. He said the problem was soap in the water. I assured him that nothing with soap comes anywhere near the hot tub. He drained the tub and said that if the cloudiness came back after a week of no use of, then something else was the problem. We did not use the hot tub and the problem returned. I called the service department. They said they would not send the technician back. He was just there. Instead, they sent us the new jet and line cleaner and told us to clean the lines twice in one day. This would loosen anything growing in the lines. It didn't work. We took the panels off and noticed that the air lines were all clogged with black mold. I called the service department again. They asked us what chemicals we were using. We spend $300 a year on there chemicals and they have the records. Why would we change what worked perfectly in the other tub? I sent another water sample making sure that I scooped up plenty of the gray mucus looking ###. They tested the sample and stated that it tested normal. In my opinion, their lab is highly incompetent or they lost the sample again. Over a year after haggling back and forth with the service people, they were supposed to send the technician to replace the lines. Instead, he said he had to check my cabinet to make sure the chemicals were from Thermospas. I was uncomfortable letting him into my house when I'm by myself. I showed him the 8 mold infested lines and he replaced one to take back to have it analyzed along with another water sample. That's all. He said that if it was up to him, he'd replace the lines, but he wasn't going to get involved. He was not authorized to do anything else. Reese, service department, apparently lied to me. I waited a month to hear from Thermospas but had to make the call. I discovered that if we manually turned the therapy valves and bubbling system on that the water started to clear up. I finally figured what was different with this tub. The bubbling system wasn't running properly when the filtering system was on. This was causing the water in the lines to stay stagnant and mold was formed. I explained this to Maggy in costumer care. She said this was a problem with the control panel and it was an engineering problem. She would contact them and it would be taken care of. She would call me back. It has been one month. I've left several phone messages and still no call. I called the service department and spoke to Reese, again. He also told me it was an engineering problem. He put me on hold to check with that department and left me there for 20 minutes. I hung up, called back after 10 minutes twice, and the line was either busy or he wasn't in. Now, nobody will answer my calls. It's been 1 _ years and many unanswered phone calls later. The problem did not go away. I understand that problems happen. So you fix them and move on. We gave Thermospas over $6000.00 and are treated like this. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE INTERESTED IN BUYING A HOT TUB AVOID THERMOSPAS.


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