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I would like to bring to the notice of one and all about the illegal practices committed by Mr. Vibhu rathore of

I have posted complaints on this website against the domain registrar for not refunding my amount, which I paid for domain renewal ( a long back, and still I did not get it back from him.
Just for posting the complaints he suspended all my domains,,, for more than a week. When I complained with Direct I he unsuspended them, but in the meanwhile he stole two of my premium domains ( and I came to know about this today(16/12/2010) when I got the message from reseller club.
He changed the email Id's sometime back when he had the control panel with him.
I requested him several times to give back my domains, but he is turning a deaf ear and wants me to take back the complainsts which I have posted on the sites.

I don't understand what's wrong if we post a complain against a service provider if we are not satisfied with his services or get cheated by the service provider. After all all this sites and consumer forums are mean for that. I think in our country every one has the freedom of expression.
So I request all the viewers of this complaint to beware of service providers like who don't only steal the money of customer' but also their assets(domains) and don't want any one to complain against their fraudulant and illegal activities.

Mahesh g
Flourish Web solutions

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  • Vi
      16th of Dec, 2010


    Myself Vibhu Rathore, writing on behalf of "".
    We have around 10, 000+ clients and are in this hosting business from last 8 years.
    First time we got such a nice client, who is with us since 2008 and have taken lot of domains with FREE hosting. But he loves to complain.

    ISSUE :
    Client's domain expired on 18-oct-2010 and grace period on 27-nov-2010. We use WHMCS 3rd party billing software, WHMCS software informed him on 18/09/2010 03:07 "Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice".
    Client has checked the option "Do Not Renew", so Domain Renewal invoice was not generated by Billing Software.
    18/09/2010 03:07 "Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice"

    Dear mahesh manik (Flourish Web Solutions),

    The domain name listed below will expiring. - Expiry date : 18/10/2010

    To ensure the domain does not expire, you should renew it now. You can do this from the domains management section of our client area here:

    Should you allow the domain to expire, you will be able to renew it in the time period of, Kindly check for more details :

    During this time, the domain will not be accessible so any web site or email services associated with it will stop working.

    To renew domain, go to client area login:

    - Click "My Domains"
    - "" and click "View Details" button
    - RENEW

    Vibhu Rathore


    - but client logged on 29/11/2010 10:07 from IP and created the renewal invoice himself.
    As you can see the image upload by client himself on
    And made the payment on 29-Nov.

    We told him that we have his money and he can use it for future renewal or purchase.

    Support ticket #661614 - domain renewal

    Check the ticket :

    In place of talking to us, on 2nd December client started posting complain :

    On 3rd December we locked his clientarea accounts with us and requested to delete the complaints. But inplace of that he started threathening us :

    "Who gave you the right to block my account and make all the domains unfunctional. I will go to any extent if you don't unblock the accounts immediately."

    "If you don't activate my accounts I have to take stringent action against you. So it's up to you."

    "if you deal like this you will be the loser."

    "I am going to make it a very serious issue and see that you don't continue your business activities further."

    "You have taken the law in your hands by not refunding the amount and also blocking all my domains, you have to repent all your life for this."

    Support ticket #240226 - Could not get my amount refunded

    Check the ticket :

    As we have not received any positive response we locked his Domains.


    Check one of his clients complain :


    Finally on last Thursday on 9th Decemeber, Directi intervened in this issue and locked his 4 domains and transferred to his account.
    On mutual understanding, he agreed to withdraw all his complains and we will refund his Rs.425 through ICICI cheque.
    But still the complains are there"Took+domain+renewal+amount+and+not+renewed+it+or+refunded+the+amount"

    The way he communicated to us, used wrong language on phone & emails, not accepting that we have informed him about the due date ... we requested Directi to get ASSURANCE LETTER from him, that he will not repeat this thing in future.
    Assurance Letter :

    In spite of Assurance letter, now after a week he again started these complaints.

    Thanks for Reading all this!

    Vibhu Rathore

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  • Ma
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    Myself Mahesh G director of Flourish web solutions, who has posted the complaint even after giving assurance letter that I will not post in case he will release all my domains.
    Even after the Direct I closed the issue by assuring me that I will get back all the domains and also the amount I paid for domain renewal, I could not get them. Vibhu has stolen my premium domains and he not even repaid the amount till date.

    I am doing business just from last 3years, but never came accross the service provider like . who not only disables the domains, thefts them but also gives legal threat to the customers.

    As far as the issue is concerned I will mention briefly.
    I do got the domain renewal notice, but I had no idea about the grace days allowed for domain renewal, so I paid for domain renewal on 29th expecting that domain ( can be renewed. So I paid him through icici bank online tranfer and asked him to renew.Immdetialty I got payment reciept from and when I checked it was showing renewal date as 2011, so as per it was renewed, but when I entered the domain c panel, the domain was showing as expired and I could not find any credit amount in the account. So i mailed them accordingly and asked them the reason, Mr.Sailesh said it could not be renewed. I advised him to pl check the status of a domain before raising the invoice, as the customer will not be aware about the grace days allowed for renewal and also asked him to refund the amount to my bank account. But he advised me to use it for future use, where as I was not interested in taking their services and was planning to move all domains to some other registrar as I had problem with them from last two years on some issue or other. I sent couple of mails and recieved no response, so after waiting for three days I had posted complains on websites, where all the customers will post their comments on companies if they are not satisfied or being cheated by the companies. Mr. Vibhu came to know about this and he without informing me suspended all my domains and started threatning that he will not activate unless and untill all the complaints are removed. So, instead of entering into wrangles with him and wasting me precious time, I posted positive comments, that the issue got resolved and asked vibhu to unlock the domains. Now he was threatning me legally and asked me to send mails to site adminsitrators, which I did and almost all complaints got deleted expect two. When I told him about this and asked to unlock the domains, he turned a deaf ear, so I had no other option but to approach Direct I internet services. Direct I gave him 48hrs time but he taken any action, then I infored direct I about the status, they immediately called him and got the domains unsuspended. And also asked me to provide a letter and also the domain c panel forms to move the domains to some other service provider. So I got the c panel for doamins on------- but earlier to this for more than a week all domains and sites were inactive and c panel was lying with Mr. Vibhu who changed the mail id's of the registrant(my mail Id ) to some other mail id, put a tranfer request without my knowledge, and atlast stolen my two premium domains and

    You will find documents in support of his theft on our site

    Here I have few questions to raise.

    1.Does an unsatisfied customer have the right to complain or not?
    2.How can a service provider retain the customers amount with him and force him to use it for future use?
    3.How can he cancel all the domains under false pretext of "client fruad" which are registered with him. Suppose if I had not registered domains, what he would have done?I have more than 100 domains registered with various companies, can he suspended them or steal them.
    4.How can he change the registrants mail id and place a transfer request with out clients knowledge.Is it not considered as domain theft?

    If you would like to know more about his services pl go through the following:

    He does not provide a domain cpanel where a customer can transfer or move domain, lock the domain or renew the domain. He has created his own domain c panel for the customers so that he can have total control over the domain names of the customer. Just for changing the name server he charge extra amount. Even after taking that, when we request him to change the name servers, he directs the customer to go to client area do such and such kind of thing by himself and we ( not change any settings. I don't understand why he takes the amount for DNS management and mail forwarding, which are free and any one can do if they have the (REAL)Domain control panel and not the one which provides.

    In the name of free hosting he puts his ad at the top of the site of a customer and makes the site look unprofessional and ugly. Many of my clients objected for this and I even lost business just because I registered domain with along back and took his free hosting. Due to this I have to take paid hosting from some other company and I have my own hosting from last two years. I even stopped registering domains with. who is fooling around the customers by way of offering free (limited)hosting and inserting his ad on the site of the customer. I can name a large no.of sites who provide free hosting with out ads. So just think is he doing favour to customer or cheating them

    Not only this he has introduced an affiliate program where he promises a customer that they will be paid 100 for domain registration and upto 3000 per referral but the reality is the customer will not get even a single piasa. I referred lot many customers in the past, put his banner ad on our site, but could not get anything.

    Just go through thelinks where pacwebhoting has complained against him in past about his site

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  • Sa
      5th of Jan, 2011

    This kind of service providers do not sustain in the business for long. When more more people get cheated by a service provider, no one will opt for their services. I have gone through some of your complaints especially the legal threats and found that the service provider is very arrogant by nature and is havinga a negative attitude towards the customer. I will try to bring this issue to all my near and dear one's. You can even take legal action, but it may take 1-2 years to get justice, so just have patience. Even if he is not punished by law the natural law will punish him.


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  • Ma
      21st of Jan, 2011 - Dummy Domain control panel
    India provides a Dummy domain cpanel where a customer can neither transfer nor move domain nor lock the domain nor renew the domain. He has created domain c panel for the customers under WHMCS Software, so that he can have total control over the domain names of the customer. Just for changing the name server he charges extra amount. Even after taking that, when the customer request him to change the name servers, he directs the customer to go to client area do such and such kind of thing by himself and we ( not change any settings. I don't understand why he takes the amount for DNS management and mail forwarding, which are free and any one can do if they have the (REAL)Domain control panel and not the one which provides.

    A customer has every right to have a real domain cpanel of his website with features of domain transfer, moving domain, changing dns records etc

    So, you need to be very careful while registering a domain name which plays a pivotal role in giving an identity to your business.

    Mahesh g

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