Hospitalscpep in NY Hospitals

Who knew when walking into a ED for a Medical condition of brief psychotic disorder. no history of mental illness.. would be then
tossed into lock up, drugged to the state of not knowing family, then going mute, after wrong treatments I can not mention here.
Justice will be done...this person lost many years of their life, being in the system of Mental Health based on a one time walk voulntary into a ED. Now years later it comes to the surface there are 19 hospitals with this program in the ED Areas, or close by, it is called CPEP. the one I speak of... was on this list! Google CPEP program... this mistake can destroy it did. Who knew this was a CPEP and ED? who even knows what the hell CPEP is... even primary doctors, lawyers, etc..don't know...but research about this issue concludes. This program needs to either go... or be revamped. They have destroyed lives, and will be held accountable. If I have to go to the next level of the law. Lawyers say..sorry not my expertise. lol... ok then WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GO FOR LEGAL ACTION!?
So It can happen a person with a temporary mental issue, be falsely placed in a lock up ward. lucky to get out, after the damage is done. looking for a civil rights lawyer to get the records sealed, so no more false, drugging or treatments be administered to this poor disabled person. years of being falsely in this system, loss of identity, fraud, loss of family and many friends, the list goes on. Stigma now will follow the rest of her days. IT IS WRONG. None of these records were sent to the PCP. it has been years... past.. but still ongoing Out patient which also..WAS NOT NEEDED! because of the WRONG MEDICATIONS forced to take. if anyone knows of where to go from here to seek damages, it would be greatly appreciated. prior history before walking into this ED for Medical help. of a sudden onset.. of acute symptoms.

Feb 03, 2015

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