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On February 17th a was a guest at the above mentioned establishment, officiating at a a wedding. The guest liaison person Mathilda, firstly told me she had no room for me, then moved me twice before I could settle in.

Subsequent to this cool welcome I unfortunately left a very costly jar of eye product in my room, which Mathilda found on the Monday after the wedding, promising to mail it to me. I have made numerous calls to her, sent copious sms's and during our last conversation - three weeks after leaving your establishment, she was extremely rude and reminded me that it will be posted at her convenience and that she is doing me a favor.

It is now almost 7 weeks since the wedding and this morning Bianca phoned to tell me that it had in fact NOT been posted, but she would attend to it today. Were it not for her intervention, I should probably never see my product again!

This establishment is definitely NOT one that I would ever consider recommending for weddings. The PR is shocking as is the accommodation.

I look forward to at least knowing that the owners of this establishment cares!

Sincerely - Heila Downey
P.S. The toilet is a health hazard - imagine stepping thru a shower to access the toilet!

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