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Horoscope Alerts / did not request information

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Did not sign up for this information; have been billed for it at $9.99 for last 6 - 8 months, and unable to discontinue service. I want it discontinued and my money back.


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N  19th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Same here. They've been charging me the same rate of $9.99 a month for the last 6 months and I have no idea who these people are. Never signed up for their services. This is also called stealing. My uncle who is a labor attorney is investigating the company. I had to call my wireless provider to get the charges removed from my bill and refunded.
A  4th of Aug, 2009 by 
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omg same here! stop charging me!
A  7th of Aug, 2009 by 
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same here. Thank goodness AT&T was totally understanding and refunded the charges and blocked purchases. I feel a class action coming. These people are ###.
N  11th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Me too. It is stealing. Since they are cloaked no street justice can be administered.
A  12th of Aug, 2009 by 
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It happened to me. I received a text message and open to view it - my mistake! It's a scam and I was charged twice, within minutes, 9.99 for a service I didn't solicit, want or even know about. The only thing I did was to send a stop text back so it was in immediate writing that I didn't order the service. ATT didn't remove the $20 charge but added a security pin when purchasing any downloads to prevent it from happening again. A protection I didn't know I could have. AMAZING that when I ever speak to them, They need my zip code, name and 4 digits of Soc. Sec # to even discuss anything about my account, but a 3rd party vender can charge my account with only a BILL!
N  4th of Mar, 2011 by 
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A similar case to me, both PROTXT SMS Alerts and Horoscope Alerts charged on my AT&T phone bill for $9.99 each under Monthly Subscription. This was all started with Yahoo messenger chat with my "daughter". Actually someone hacked her ID and pass word and signed in her Yahoo ID to send me the hake IQ test link ( I've learned that she was working and did not go online during that time frame). Below is the chat messages:

hi 3:43 PM

what's up? 3:55 PM

I just took an IQ quiz here.. pretty cool 3:55 PM

ok 3:55 PM

got a 113 lol... I thought I was smarter than that 3:55 PM

Ok, what kind of quiz? 3:58 PM

you should see if you can do better than me... http://iqtestingkoia.com/?invitecode=2jlyri5fb4 if you can ill give you twenty dollars lol 3:58 PM

im good, you? 4:00 PM

try beating me... I bet you cant lol 4:00 PM

take it now while I take a shower lol 4:01 PM

ill be back in a few after im all fresh 4:01 PM

well sorry but can you tell me your score first? 4:02 PM

brb, let me know your score when im back! 4:03 PM
I just told you my score 4:04 PM

After this fake iq quiz, I was asked to provide my cell phone number to receive a code so I can use that code to check my score. I did not have any doubt because I thought I was chatting with my daughter, so I provided what they asked. A month later, I saw my bill was charged by these companies mentioned above. I've called AT&T and they told me they will refund these charges and provided me a security pin to prevent it from happening again. But I just checked my billing again, these charges are still there.
A  23rd of May, 2011 by 
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SAme with me! THIS IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY!! I have not received ONE horoscope alert, nor have I ever subscribed to this service and they have billed my phone for 2 months! ATT is awesome and have credited the money BACK!
N  4th of Feb, 2012 by 
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I just realized that I have been charged $9.99 for the last six months! AT & T said they can only refund for the last 2 months. They did block the service for me. I want my other 4 months refunded! Here is the phone number that I got as a text message when the lady at AT & T canceled 877-707-6088. When I call it says they are closed - it is Saturday so maybe that is true. Will try again on Monday.

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