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Horns Park / Employees abusive

1 Hornweg 21St Johann, Austria
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Last day of vacation in St. Johann- July 4, 2015. The kids wanted to go ziplining. Went to horn park. The cable car ride up was great, great view, great pictures. However, when we went in the park for ziplining- the guy Tim who helped us, kept making jokes about the country we are from, like telling the kids they shouldn't wear their hats sideways here like they do in our country because Austrians don't like that and when explaining how to use the equipment, he joked that you hold it like you are holding a gun, like pulling the trigger, you know how they do where you are from, americans are good at using guns he said. Then a woman came over to supervise the kids while doing a practice course, the girl with short, dark hair starting screaming at my 10 year old daughter- why are you doing it like that, no, no, no you shouldn't be doing it like this, why are you doing that... you are going to get kicked out of the park, etc. I cant even tell you what all she said because it was surreal, it was verbally abusive behavior, my daughter came down the steps crying and balling her eyes out, her feelings were so hurt. She has never been talked to like that. In America, we zipline and the workers strap you in your harness and hook up your cable. The woman could have said politely that she doesn't think my 10 year can do this or should do this, it wouldn't be safe or a good idea for her. If the employees there were really worried about my daughter's safety, then she could have walked her lazy butt up the stairs and showed her the proper way to do it, but she didn't. She stood at the bottom of the steps screaming at her. I told the employee that she just ruined my daughter's last day of vacation and that you shouldn't talk to people like that. I told her she could have been nicer and more patient with a child and that is not how Americans treat people. I have never been treated so horrible in my life. I am so glad I went down there with my kids and didn't send them by themselves because who knows what would have happened and how she would have been treated. My family didn't go by ourselves we went with friends and they witnessed this. We came here with a group of 36 people and I a making sure to tell everyone this story. I paid a lot of money to come on this vacation and my 10 year old wanted to come back in 4 years to dance like my oldest daughter. After today's incident, I don't think I will waste my money here in Europe. I would like someone to contact me about this so I know this was received and taken seriously. You should not be able to verbally abuse your customers. Please contact me at

Jul 4, 2015

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