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Horizon Gold / scammed by horizon gold

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I paid $79.95 for this supposed credit card. I went on-line and saw that the services that they provide are not even worth paying for. You have to "double-pay" in order to get the information that they claim you get for free, i.e., credit reports, roadside assistance, cash advances, supposed discounts on gas - PLEASE!!!

I was able to access one of their crappy websites before I got the card in the mail and I knew that this card was something I wanted to cancel right away. I tried calling them and was directed to call back during the week. When I did so, I got the run-around and was told that Horizon Gold was just as good as Walmart, Sears, Target (whatever!) I received my card about 20 days into this mess and tried to cancel. I was told that since the account was open for about 20 days, I would only get a refund of $34.95! I did not even use their services, the website for their on-line store is a bunch of sh$%!!! This is a total scam. Don't fall for it or take it if they have done you wrong! Fight back! That's what I'm doing. I am going to expose this company for what it really is. Horizon Gold should have just given me back a full refund. ---Let the games begin----

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  • Ke
      9th of Mar, 2007
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    You need to contact the Better Business Bureau as I did and I will be receiving a full refund. Information is below.

    300 Sixth Avenue Ste. 100-UL, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2511
    412-456-2700 FAX 412-456-2739

  • Li
      14th of Apr, 2007
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    I signed on February, 2007 same experience as others, except never have received card.. had to threaten to contact attorney to get them to release credit card number and then only for website. Do not tell you this on initial form.

  • Sh
      9th of Jun, 2007
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    I was thinking the horizon card was a visa or mastercard because that is how i found it.It turned out it wasn't i got the run around about getting my money back and they kept insisting i check the card out first before cancelling,then they raised the credit limit their website has nothing but poorly made junk and stuff that looks like it should be in a ghetto yardsale excuse my language.I wouldn't even buy the crap from the dollar store and you have to pay a lump sum for the shipping.I will be calling first thing monday morning to cancel they even lied and said there was a feature on there where you can get an cash advance when i told them i didn't want it they said with my first purchase they'd send me one-hundred dollars.They were open last saturday but closed this saturday this company is a huge scam don't waste your money i told them i wanted a visa or mastercard like the one i have and they kept insisting it could be used like one and one of their customer service reps said it was only good on their site.The guy tried to trick me and say his section doesn't handle cancellations and i should go to the website and find the number for cancellations when i told him that was the number he forwarded me to his supervisor who said he had to get his manager which made me realize they are a scam noone has had nothing good to say about this company.For a legit credit card company try imagine they only charge a 4.95 fee all you have to have is a checking account the website is

  • Se
      7th of Jul, 2007
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    Well here is what I have to say about that...


    I am not or ever was under the pretenses that this was a real visa or mastercard, but rather simply a normal department store credit card. but lets describe why this is a SCAM!!

    First, it states "THERE ARE NO ENROLLMENT FEES ASSOCIATED WITH THE ACCOUNT." when I went through the actions of activating an account, I had to agree to pay $75 with my debit card just to activate the account and agree to let them take $14.95 out of my account monthly for a maintenance fee or something. (my numbers may be a penny or 2 off due to item number 2...)

    Second, I tried to go back to the registration page to re-read the exact fees, and to re-read the terms of agreement, but, low and behold, you are not allowed to go back. It tells you that your alloted time to register has expired. all this tells me is that they do not want you to be able to go back and check up on them. kinda shady, I think.

    Third, I have been searching the web all over and can not actually find the site to go to actually see what online merchandise they are selling that I would have to choose from. This tells me that they probably don't have much to chose from and are simply just trying to get my money first before I find out I just paid them $75 and not buy anything.

    But here is the best part of the SCAM!!!! the reasons you cant find an online store, and the reason they don't advertise that it is an online store, or ANYTHING is because they are playing on the emotions of people with bad credit really needing to re-establish their credit and will do almost anything to do so. They are tricking them out of their money. I mean, if you want a Victoria secret credit card, at least you know what you can buy.

    Don't get this card!!! SCAM!!!

    You are welcome for my time (to the people at horizon gold credit card). I needed to ad one more thing.

    Here is a line from the disclaimer listed above:


    Here is the google search (paid advertisement to be on top of page in highlighted section)

    Unsecured Credit Card Reports to Major Credit Bureau All Applications Accepted.

    What a joke of a company... And by the way, I can still not find a way to see whats in the store.

    And I do agree with the person above me. I have the Imagine card. Excellent. all you need is a checking account. Your payment must be auto drafted out of a checking account, and as promised, my credit limit was increased after the 6 months with a good payment history.

  • Ni
      9th of Dec, 2007
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    I would just like to thank everyone who posted their comments. I received a card in the mail stating that I was approved for " a real unsecured credit card with a $500 limit". I decided to try it. I saw that they wanted to take money from a debit or credit card, but I figured that paying $79.95 to get $500 in credit would help me right now. I was still a little Leary, so I decided on a whim to check it out a little bit. All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you all for saving me from a HUGE mistake!!!

  • Ga
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    My wife receive this horizon gold card in the mail last night. Since im a goggle freak i googled horizon gold fraud just to c who these people really are and if there has been any complaint against them needless to say i came upon this website. There's too much complaint against them so i ripped it up for her. I did a little research on them and this is for the people who have ben scam, here goes. Horizon gold address is 1707 Warren Road Indiana, PA 15701 US. Guess who also resides at this address too, Reliant Holdings Guess who owns horizon gold and there phone #7244656075 this website was created on 12-Apr-2005 the email associated with the website is Record created on 03-Feb-2006. they havent been in the bussiness long enough in my opinion

  • Bo
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    they did me the same way only i never got a card.. and i am trying to get in touch with them.

    thanks bobby

  • Di
      16th of May, 2008
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    Thanks for the warning I was just looking at their site and I decided to check them out first!! Thank God I got your complaints first! Sorry for all your problems but Thanks again!

  • Co
      11th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just want to thank you all for posting your experiences. I just got a postcard in the mail from this place and thought it sounded to good to be true. I see was right.

    In any event I do have the Imagine card as well and I am VERY HAPPY with them. I have had it for about 1 year now and I started with a $250 limit and now it's $900 and my credit has increased. I would recommend them to anyone with bad credit. You could also try the rewards660 card. I have that as well and again VERY satisfied.

  • An
      26th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    were the hell is my card. and do i really need the hasle? i did notice that there no nmber to contact for questions after the fact!!!should i tare it up once and if i do recieve it?

  • Bi
      4th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    this is very helpfullthank you much the real question is does anybody know of a real card like this im tring to get one??

  • Lu
      8th of Mar, 2012
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    I just got their email offer and thought I'd read up on it. Thanks to all for posting

  • Ju
      26th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    i dont even remember signing up for this card and now they have taken money out of my personal account to pay some monthly fee, DOES ANYONE HAVE A PHONE THAT I CAN CONTACT THEM...HOW DID THEY EVEN GET MY PERSONAL ACCT INFORMATION, I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW..THANKS FOR YOUR HELP...JUDY 9125153627...PLZZZZZZ CALL ME!!!

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