Hope Xenakis / Sold me a denture that didn't fit at all.

1 United States

Hope Xenakis, DDS, located in Asheville, NC charged me $1, 050.00 up front 17 months ago for a denture that never fit me. She assured me it was to my advantage that she do the job for me because "denture specialty places do assembly-line work and their dentures are poor quality." She also assured me that her dentures would never require any dental adhesive to fit. Well, after 17 months, several adjustments and 2 relines, ($270.00) they still fall right out of my mouth unless lots of denture adhesive is applied. On my last visit, which was the final one, she gave me my denture (after a supposed reline) and it fit even worse! She acknowledged this and said, "I don't know what to tell you. I can give you some Fixodent but I have another patient waiting." Then she left the room!!!

She is dishonest and she never gave me a refund. I am taking her to small-claims court. She is very incompetent and does not have a clue what she's doing. Don't waste your time with her. She's a nut case!


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