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Please look elsewhere. This company is completely unfair and dishonest. I bought my 12 hour-class package in 2008. Now, I finally have time to enjoy class (I'm a busy college student), and they don't want to give me what I've paid for, the 12 hours, unless if I pay 125 dollars extra. This is pure fraudulence. They say the contract is expired, so I have to pay that extra money to reactivate my contract.

Also, they charged me 300 dollars last year, when the price written on the door this year is 265 dollars. This proves that they change their prices whenever they feel like it. I remember last year, I overheard the president of the company saying to a client in the same situation as me that he had to pay extra, because the business wasn't going well, and 300 dollars weren't enough anymore. This proves once more that they're constantly ripping off people.

Please look elsewhere for driving class because your don't deserve the fuss, nor do you deserve to be ripped off unfairly.

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      Jan 03, 2010

    Didn't you find it strange that they were half the price of other driving schools that were reputable?

    "Buyer beware"

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