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#### thickly-accented staff tried to tell me there's no such street as Manchester Avenue. I was born in Los Angeles, and Manchester east of Crenshaw is called Manchester avenue. He said "we" (what, real Americans?? Lmfao) call it boulevard. There's no place called Manchester Avenue. Nobody calls it that. He intimated that I don't know how to use a gps.

Issue: They are located at 970 Manchester blvd, not Manchester ave which is actually the same street just a few miles east. There are two 970 manchesters.

Freaking maroons at this joint. Straight clowns.

Why is this sad? Because I am a lyft driver who was driving a passenger to go buy a car from this establishment. It was this passenger who entered the destination address. Their own customer, not me.

Fortunately I work in online marketing, and will work diligently to ensure the good, legal residents of Los Angeles are aware of the arrogance and idiocy of this lot.

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Mar 25, 2017

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