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First took my 2004 Solara in for repair of the sun roof in August 2008 while still under warranty. It would not close back up all the way, would partially close then reopen all the way. Was told it just needed lubrication and worked fine. One week later, I had the same problem. After 4 trips to get it fixed, I finally said "Don't get it back to me until you fix it." THEN they said it had twisted cables, a bad track, and the motor was overheating - "we will call you back with an estimate." I said, no the price is zero as it was under warranty when I first brought it in and you haven't fixed it yet. The service man suggested I call Toyota Corporate and open a case. I did so and received a call from Natalie at Hooman saying the General Manager wanted me to bring the car back in to have it repaired and they would try to get it complimentary. After I took it in was told the Corporate offices would not let them fix it for "free" but they were going to offer me a special discount for the parts.

I said "I am picking my car up NOW. Do not touch it." Now, I'm writing everyone I can find to say Do Not give these fraudsters your business. Next stops: Better Business Bureau, California Attorney General, Toyota Corporate Offices, my attorney.


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      Jan 08, 2010

    Hooman Hires illegal aliens to work for him. Andrew Harris is not authorized to work in the US.

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      Jan 08, 2010

    Andrew Harris is not legal to work in the US, But HoomanNissani Hired him.

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      Jul 27, 2010
    Hooman Toyota of Long Beach - dealership
    Hooman Toyota of Long Beach
    4401 E. Pacific Coast Highway
    Long Beach
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Hooman Toyota big scam/ripoff. Their unlimited free oil changes is a hidden pack. Basically, its a hidden cost. Don't buy cars from them. Do business elsewhere!!!

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      Aug 29, 2010

    I took my car in to get a new clutch on my scion tc and they for got to put bolts in! My car completely stopped as i was about to get on the freeway with my newborn baby!! Eddie whom was very helpful had my car towed. So they fixed it that day. 2 days later i was leaking oil and was so upset because it started leaking after i took it back to them. So, i took it back and they said there was welding and they couldnt have done that! I never had welding done on my new car, didnt have the problem, and the gm had the nerve to say their mechanics dont weld! Yea right! So they did work on my car without informing me of it, and on top of that blammed me and was trying to make me pay for it! Plus the gave me a dirty loner car that had cheese in the back seat, gatorade bottle under the driver seat and grease all over the passanger seat! They told me thats all they could give me and if i wanted it clean i needed to come back in two hours! They are very rude, sleezy, unporfessional, and not trust worthy! They will not fix your car, except cause you more problems!

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      May 22, 2013

    I have recently had a misunderstanding with the Hooman Service Department. I would like to have the matter resolved so I have no need to take the issue any further. I have emailed, sent letters and called and have only received one unacceptable response. Mr. Miguel offered me $100 in store credit?
    On 04/05/13, motivated by a coupon for free engine light diagnoses, I brought my T-100 Truck for repair. I told Maguel that all I had was $300 to fix the problem. He called me at home three hours later and said it was going to take $299 more to complete the diagnoses. I asked if that would repair the problem. He said that amount would be used to cover what repairs were needed. I said ok if that be the case. The coupon was valued at about $120 and the $299 cash I hoped would cover what ever needed to be done.
    The next call I received from him explained to me that the computer in my truck was faulty and needed to be replaced at a cost of $1399. He said that he knew I didn't have the money then and I could bring it back at a later date. He couldn't get the part for a month anyway. After checking with the parts department and auto warehouse I decided that the cost of the computer was way out of line, finding I could get for half the cost.
    I later discovered that there was nothing wrong with the computer. The engine light was on because the speedometer needed repair. Knowing that, I wasn't about to take my vehical back to Hooman thinking they were lying to me and trying to rip me off. Both for the faulty diagnoses and trying to sell me a major part I did not need. So I would like to get my $299 back because nothing was repaired. The $100 offered to me is not a fair or enough of an offer because number one, I don't plan on going back there.

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      Apr 02, 2014

    I created a Yelp account just so I would be able to share the absolutely horrible experience I've just had. I had a deal at a different Toyota location where I was going to buy my car at tonight, I called Hooman Toyota of Long Beach and talked to Mike just to get information on the older model of the Prius 2 and told them I already had a sealed deal at an other location (which is my local dealership and which I would of course have preferred to deal with). He asked me the price I had which I told him what it was, and he said he would call me back after he talked to his manager to make sure he could beat that offer. He called me back and said that he could do the deal, I explained to him I already had a firm deal with the other dealership and my car was ready to be picked up and paid for and that I was not going to drive 30 min at night after work for a deal that was not going to happen. He PROMISED me that we would get that price and the car I wanted.

    So I drove down 30 minute to Long Beach, got there and he showed me the car, had to drive it around, inspect it and the we went it to sign paperwork. He had me fill out a credit application and then questioned me on every single aspect of the application, going into personal details, doubting every single statement, it made me feel horrible and not liking the guy (Mike) obviously but I went on with it since we were getting the deal.

    After waiting for 30 minute the Finance manager comes back and tells me there is no way he can match that price!! He then offered to sell it for an OTD price of a $2000 over what was agreed before !! What happened ?!? I told him I was buying a car for X amount of money, cancelled the deal and broke the relationship with my local dealer to find out the best he can do is $2000 over!?! The salesman Mike did not even come to apologize after, only the finance manager apologized and did not even try to make it up to me in anyway. I am appalled by this, not only did I break the previous amazing deal I had but I don't have a car to go to work tomorrow. I am extremely disappointed and shocked that people can sleep at night after doing that. I would hope that no one ever gets a car from this dealership as they are liars and not to be trusted.

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      Jul 04, 2016

    Hooman Nissani should not be allowed to sell cars in the US until he agrees in writing to honor the service package of free oil changes and tires to the customers who purchased or leased a car from Hooman Toyota. Especially since he received a tax incentive worth four million dollars from the city of Long Beach to move his operation to West Coast Toyota, also in Long Beach. In other words the city paid him to rip off his customers. He gets to continue operating while his former loyal customers got screwed. Furthermore if Toyota Motor Corp will allow one of their dealers to operate un-ethically this way I will never purchase a Toyota again nor recommend them to anyone. Shame on Hooman Nissani, the city of Long Beach, and Toyota Motor Corp. for allowing customers to be treated this way.

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