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hooked on overages



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hooked on overages
United States
Just a general comment on hooked on overages.

This business is far more difficult than it appears on paper. We have been successful with a few overages. However for the average passive investor they will have a really hard time with this and I would bet very few will every succeed. To get any kind of success you need a skip tracing service. you need a data processor. You need to have legal help in a lot of instances. The county tax collectors and treasurers are really not helpful to anyone who is not the beneficary. They see these peoples as profiters ripping off the rightful owner of the overage.

YOu basically need to be a private detective. The most successful company in the us Global recoveries is just that. Mom and pop has no chance in this business. I know I tried. I have the Lexus Nexus skip tracer. A tele marketer. A data processor from off shore legal bills etc etc... A lot of the jurisdictions will only send the funds to the person who is in title to them. We had written contracts with these people and they just kept the money. So then you have to sue the individuals and thats a mess.

So anyway. yes its real but its very very difficult, just like most online buy my method to get rich programs are. the only one making money is the people selling the program.
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N  6th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
For the beginner it helps to have free support and/folks experienced to partner with. Check out surplus funds riches - all one word - with com.
A  8th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
I agree it doesn't work, I wrote to a whole bunch of people in Hawaii only to find out that they automatically are notified when the money is owed to them and the case goes to court.
N  30th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
@Scam22 Yea that's why when you get the list look for the ones that lost their house the past 2 years.
A  23rd of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
I agree finding out there are so many more to buy software or programs to try and get anywhere. They look at you as scamners. I just want to make a living . Tax authorities don't want the information out cause after a certain period of time it goes to the state and the owner will never get those funds that belong to them. Only ones making money are the ones selling you the information. The show they're making money and it's because they're lawyers who can afford all the extra money needed to get the easy so called report. Which is legal to get due to the freedom of information act.
N  30th of Dec, 2016 by    +1 Votes
@a job please Get yourself a Real Estate lawyer to help you or find an attorney contract. that contract give you the power to claim the money for the owners with no problem.
N  9th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
I am no attorney and am able to obtain reports from several states...it is not hard and you do not need to be a detective or attorney. You just have to look in the right place. A legit place...now think about that for a minute. Hmmm? What is legit? Who makes the laws? Just go to the government site where taxes are collected in the county you pst. They didn't write it to be easy for "us" to understand the meaning. It's the government, but all the answers you need are right there in between the lines. Some counties accept third parties such as yourself to claim the funds as long as you owl the form out correctly and stay within their laws. They are all different and that is one reason why these websites that want to charge you and 1000+ dollars for training, materials and support charge for it. If you have just reviewed one counties' regulations for overages you can see how long it takes to read. The attorneys have went through all the counties in each state and compiled a list, that in itself would be very time consuming. So, it's got to be worth something. But, it is not something that you or me or anyone else cannot do. And who says you have to go thru all the counties and all states? They just found a way to generate money by creating such a document. Smart idea, if it is correct. I'd rather do the research myself to know for certain that I am getting the correct information. If you feel the need to get an attorney's advice you can use an online attorney. As far as being preceived as a "scammer" that makes no sense. You are finding money for someone who may have not ever even known they had it. And taking into consideration the fact that there are strict timeframes to claim the money before it is lost for good to the government, that makes it even more of a good service you are providing to someone. I mean, of course, they should expect that there would be some kind of payment to the person that found it and brought it to you. Anyone that would expect to just say, "thanks...see ya" and accuse you of being a scammer..well, they just don't know a thing about business period. It is a business, you are providing a legit service. I would be thankful if someone landed on my doorstep with a check for thousands of dollars. If it wasn't for them, I would never even gotten what they just gave me. Why be greedy, after all they did all the work, they deserve something, don't you think? Personally thou, I would not charge 30, 40%...don't you be greedy either. It is their money after all. Be fair, be thoughtful, be kind. Just knowing that you helped someone's life for the better is part of the payment. Make it reasonable and they will never forget you. Peace
N  30th of Dec, 2016 by    -2 Votes
@thecell You have a point and I was checking if this program the real deal and I see it is. And I will like to help people that lost their house and make at least 20% - 25% finder fee!
N  9th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
I should have checked my spelling before submitting. forgive me.

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