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HoodiaPlex Labs / Rip off!

1 10161 Park Run Dr. #151, Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

I decided to try this ad that popped up saying you could try Hoodia free for 1 week, just pay the S&H. In about 3-5 days, I received my free Hoodia and my account had been debited for the $5.95. Then while checking my accounts, I noticed that they had also debited another amount $69.95 for a 1 month support that followed the next day. I did not order this and never signed up for it when I order the free 1 week supply. This is a rip off, I will stop my payment at the bank to prevent them from getting any more of my money. I have a address in Las Vegas but have little hopes that they will be returning my money. I was stupid and hopefully this will learn me a lesson...

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  • Cy
      20th of Nov, 2007

    I also ordered the trial size of Hoodia Complex (WHICH DID NOT DO A THING FOR ME!) It came in with NO information as to cancellation period or anything. Maybe there was a 10-day period but NOTHING I hear or saw was easily seen. Just the bottle in a small mailing pkg. Next thing I saw a charge for $69.95 hit my acct. Again in a small mailing pkg with only the bottle inside, nothing else). I took the 800 number from my statement and called, The lady said I had 10 days from the trial period to cancel and the$69.95 was non-refundable. She said I ordered it online, which I did not I called it in and she could not tell me what my email address. The two numbers I have 800-597-8654 (no longer in service) 800-597-8533 (customer svc 8-4 pacific time, I call during that period and it says I've reached them after hours call back)... RIP OFF!! PLUS THE PILL DOESN'T WORK!

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  • Sh
      30th of Nov, 2007

    I've gotten scrammed the same way. How do we stop this? Advise smb!

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  • Dj
      30th of Nov, 2007

    Rip Off: I also ordered the sample Hoodia Complex (which did nothing). Then this rip off company charged my account 69.89 when I did not order another product or give them permission to charge my account. I immediately made a stop payment to my bank, and filed a claim of fraud.

    BEWARE: This is one BAD HoodiaPlex Labs Co.

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  • Ca
      1st of Dec, 2007

    I too signed up for the trial and now I am receiving more pills. I tried to write a letter to the address I have and the letter was returned, saying non deliverable. I want to cancel any further orders!
    HELP. what do I do?????

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  • Ms
      3rd of Dec, 2007

    I too signed up for the free trial and received my 10 day supply. I then received a full month supply, when I called my credit card company, I was told that there was a $69.95 charge. When I called HoodiaPlex (the number my credit card company gave me did not work) at the number I saw on this posting site, I was told that I HAD agreed to the automatic shipping/billing when I clicked "OK" to the terms and conditions. The woman laughed at me and basically said, she couldn't do anything to help me.

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  • Wi
      12th of Dec, 2007

    Somebody in Las Vegas please go persuade these people to do the right thing! Is this how they pay their gambling debts, with other peoples money?

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  • Ph
      20th of Dec, 2007

    I agree totally with what has been said. I to received the bottle in the package, no papers inside. I have been charged 69.95 twice & haven't been able to reach anyone to cancel this. It made me sick with nausea, vomiting & diarrhea. Please help me, I don't know what to do now. They are a ripeoff Without a doubt!

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  • St
      24th of Dec, 2007

    I was ripped off also... and this site was supposedly recommended by Oprah. I wonder if she knows whats going on.

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  • Do
      6th of Jan, 2008

    I wish I had found this page before I was also ripped off. Same story, ad alluded to Oprah Winfry approval of this product. When I read the disclaimer I have medical issues listed. So I threw the sample bottle away. I too, got a full bottle sent without my authorization. Not only that, but I have just received a second bottle. I did write a letter explaining because of medical problems, I wanted this cancelled. I never signed anything to indicate I was interested in being a regular customer. What a scam, At my age, I am ashamed I did not investigate . I am going to write the Oprah show/administration and make sure they know what is transpiring using her name to indicate reliabilty of the company.I did not do this on line but through an ad in a magazine.

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  • Pa
      14th of Jan, 2008




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  • El
      15th of Jan, 2008

    I'm double stupid not only did I oreder the "FREE" sample for myself but for my daughter using my debit card so ig ot double charged. Not only that but i bit on the Stores On Line hoping to get a home buisness started and then compounded it by signing up with Profession Marketing International believing they were going to set up my first web sit for me not only have they just told me to do all this stuff they want me to pay extra for t his that and the other thing. Both of these have happened just recently and I'll never trust anyone again. To think I found the Hoodia add in a e-mail touting religious assistance for weight loss.

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  • Ci
      26th of Jan, 2008

    I too have been misled by the hoodia scam. Here is the information I finally found online.
    under Terms & conditions
    "2.canceling: if you decide you do not wish to participate with the premium customer program, simply contact us within 14 days from the date of the initial order. you may cancel by calling 1-800-597-8654 monday-friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm PST. I authorize the charge for my customer program for $69.95 for a 30-day supply if I choose not to cancel. We reserve the right to make modifications and changes, at any time, to these terms and conditions that we deem necessary, without prior notification."
    Good luck, I hope all of us are able to get our money back.

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  • Jo
      31st of Jan, 2008

    I was stupid enough to also order the free 10 day supply of the hoodia complex. Just like everybody else I received a bottle for a l month supply right after I received the "free" bottle. I called 800 597 8654
    and did actually talk to someone. I hopefully have stopped any future shipments of the hoodia. I was given a cancellation number. Only time will tell. It was an expensive lesson to learn. I will never be that stupid again.

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  • Cy
      12th of Feb, 2008

    This is the biggest ripoff in the world. Why did Oprah endorse this?

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  • Mi
      8th of Mar, 2008

    Same rip-off tactics. I got another bottle without information or billing slip. I checked my credit card statement on line. It comes from another country via Las Vegas and I got charged a cross border fee both times. I called my bank and put a block on my credit card so that they cannot use it. I can use it at my ATM. My other choice was to close the account and get another account. You DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP PAYING. Don't be so hard on yourself. It was a small price to pay if it had worked. I got Bronchitis and I never even tried mine and now I never will. We will have to find another way. I think you should write Oprah. I won't because as long as I got my money back, I've learned my lesson. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Sh
      10th of Mar, 2008

    Call 800-597-8514 and tell them to stop all future shipments. I just did this and was given a confirmation number. The customer service representative I spoke with said that when I ordered the trial of the product, I agreed to the terms and conditions that states I am automatically enrolled in the premium program which ships a new order to you every 30 days. Oprah needs to know about this. I will certainly be more careful to read the terms and conditions in the future. Good luck!

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  • Ro
      13th of Mar, 2008

    I got my mail today and, lo and behold, there was a package for a 60-day supply. Like all of you, I did not order it and called my credit card company right away. Here's the steps I took that MIGHT help you.

    Called my credit card and told them about the unauthorized charge. They told me to call 1-800-597-8514 and ask to get the charged taken off: also ask who I was speaking to, what they will do for me to get it taken off, when and a trackable shipping method/number.

    So I called the 800 number and the guy said he couldn't reverse the charge, and wouldn't accept a return. Bantering back and forth, I got his "supervisor" and they said the same thing. They both say that once you check the box in the Terms and Agreements, you've accepted the monthly supply unless you cancel in 14 days of the free trial.

    I called my credit card company back and they are now going to pursue it. They said I should return the product, call them back with the confirmation number. They will investigate. When I asked if I should call the 800 number again to request that I cancel any more friggin' monthly shipments and charges. They said no, they will take care of it.

    I am not a stupid person and never get myself into these sort of things... well I guess I can't say "never" anymore.

    Now whether I get a credit or not remains to be seen. AND LIKE OTHERS SAY... THE PRODUCT DOESN'T WORK!!!

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