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I'm not really here to Complain, but more so to make you AWARE of a SPELLING ERROR in your Southern California Advertisement. The word "Extended" is misspelled with the "N" in the word mis typed with an "R." Because the R is in Cursive, it is probably not caught by many people. "ETERDED" hours...instead of EXTENDED hours.
I am writing you not only to inform you of the TYPO, but also to show my Video Production students that you must DOUBLE/TRIPLE CHECK your work before it is sent out to the Public for Viewing.
I hope that you might consider contacting me and maybe show my students that it is just Good Business to look out for one another in the world of Video Production and Advertising.
My family has already ordered our Honey Baked Ham for Thanksgiving and I am seriously looking forward to enjoying it that day as well as for leftovers afterward.

Thank you for your time!
Steve Brockman

Maybe you could become a sponsor for our News, Sports, and Activities programs for our high school and gain advertising through our events all year long :-)

Nov 15, 2017

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