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Bangalore, India

I bought activa 4g red for my father in February 2018. I have been regretting my decision since then to buy it. Since day 1 its having issues from mileage to starting problem to vibration issues. I beared it thinking it will be solved in 1st service . I gave my bike for 1st service at honda service centre located at gokula bangalore. After service i realised that not only they were late on delivery bt they made starting problem worse the vehicle didnt start next day. I went and complained they solved it and i came back. After a couple of days same problem arised i was forced to take time off work and visit the service centre to complain. This time nt only they were rude, they didnt serviced properly. I managed next 2 months thinking i will gt it resolved in the next service seeing their behavior. For the 2nd service i went for jaymahal service centre which is quite far from my home hoping they would do a better job. The bike was fine 10 days after service then same issues of starting and vibration started even milage issue. Nw from last 1 week the bike is parked at home as it wont start only and iam forced to use pick and drop service to deliver it at service centre.

Aug 14, 2018

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