Honda Financial / Bad experience

United States

I had the unfortunate experience of having my mother's car towed because it was two months behind in payment. After diligently calling to see what can be done, they told me, obviously, that a POA was needed so one was sent. Then they told me that the POA was invalid because of the date. After arguing that they should check with the Clerk's Office of its validity, they then required that my mother send in her license. Even after all this was done, Team Leader Tim and his goons, Debbie and Marcy, refused to help. They now do not even pick up my calls and cuts me off if I ask how I proceed. I even got a translator for my mother so they could speak to her and even that didn't help...

How am I supposed to get the car back? And I also didn't know that Honda Finance was supposed to collect on behalf of NYC Finance (for parking tickets.) They're actually demanding that I pay $1195 in tickets which are ALL pending.

I really do not know how I'm supposed to get this car back when NO ONE will help. Is there anyone else out there?


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