Homserve Plumbing insurance / Poor service No cover No Support

1 England, Devon, United Kingdom

Took out a comprehensive plumbing and drainage insurance with Homeserve -been paying it for several years only to find that over the Christmas period we had a burst outside water pipe. Phoned Homeserve to ask if they could fix it and the reply was " You are not covered for outside pipes"

Despite repeated requests to check that ( I had checked my policy documents before phoning them) they continued to insist that I was not covered for an outside water leak --when in fact my documentation showed clearly that outside water pipes are covered by their policy -they chose to refuse to deal with it.
Called out a local plumber who fixed it cheaper than 4 monthly payments Homeserve had been charging me.

Just over I year later I received a letter from Homeserve asking me to put my complaint in writing and they would investigate --i YEAR LATER -how's that for rubbish customer care?

The moral of this is to AVOID Homserve Plumbing and Water insurance -save your money -they just do not want to deal with any problems you might have.
Customer Service -Zero Support -Just excuses.

Have since taken out a far better and reliable policy with British Gas -cheaper and better.

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