Hometowne of ConwayDeposit on Apartment


Refusal to refund $150.00 deposit on an apartment when agent clearly stated the deposit was refundable if the apartment was not taken. The agent was asked if the deposit was refundable if for any reason the apartment could not be taken and they said yes. Now they claim the deposit is non-refundable period. The person involved is an elderly lady on a fixed income. The quoted price for the apartment was raised by $100.00 a month until she completed and got approved for government subsidy. She was not told this period until she asked for her deposit back because she could not afford the extra monthly rent especially not knowing whether she would get approved for the government subsidy. We have tried asking the manager to refund they money and they are totally unreasonable. DO NOT take their word for anything and be sure to read all the FINE PRINT before signing anything if you are planning on renting from them.

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