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I went to this restaurant on Jan. 9th, 2014 accompanied by my mom and two small children ages 5 & 7. Since I did not have much money I decided to opt out of purchasing a beverage for myself and figured my son and daughter could share their drink. A server came to the table and offered me water and I said "no thank you." She then said I see you have a beverage that is not water and I said yes, I'm drinking my daughters beverage and she said I was not allowed to do that because it was as if I went to McDonalds and bought my daughter a kids meal. She said her kids meal comes with a drink for her. And I got upset- I mean who the heck do these people think they are? I told her, if those are your policies then they should be clearly posted and they are not, plus, McDonalds doesn't spy on wether or not I drink from a kids meal. That's ridiculous! You would think they paid these people over $30 an hour to "enforce their law". It's simply the stupidest thing ever. Don't get me wrong, mostly everyone else is a charm but this Hispanic lady along with a tall white manager are total jerks! I advise you to speak up and don't allow these idiots to try and make you feel bad over something you paid for.

Jan 09, 2014
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  • Lo
      Jan 10, 2014

    Everybody know that sharing on the buffet is a no-no and I am willing to bet that there are signs to that effect. You purchased the drink for her. Since they are refillable, it is reasonable to ask you to pay for each person drinking. You know this. You just wanted to get off cheaper and got caught. In front of your daughter too. You must be so proud!

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  • Ld
      Feb 15, 2014

    Not enough food choices, totally no silverware (twice), few dessert choices

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