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Very unhappy with my homeloan services at Homestreet Bank. I have had 4 home loans through Homestreet in the past 7 years. The local level is great, its the corporate branch that is troublesome. I had made a payment on my home loan over the phone and they did not apply it to my loan. I called and gave them the confirmation number and they found it. They said they would fix it. A week later I got a letter that my loan was in default. I called first thing Monday morning as they dont have live customer service except for 8-5 Monday-Friday. The loan person told me to disregard the letter. I was worried about doing that. I checked my credit report immediatly after that and it was negative reporting by Homestreet Bank on that payment they mis-applied. We then called Homestreet again and they said we would have to dispute the negative report and they would fix it the next day. 5 days later it is still not fixed and they are gone for the weekend. I am very unhappy with the service. Not once have they ever even apologized for thier mix-up. Terrible customer service. the last time I called Malcom said he couldnt look at the credit report yet as he was working on something else first...terrible...

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