Homeshield Pest Controltakes money and does nothing

Had 5 apt. for Home Shield Pest Control to come and perform the paid for work. They wouldn't show up nor call, even they stated they did both. I had another company out performing work and when I explained I was waiting for "Home Shield Pest Control", the worker from the other company stated "Oh, those guys are so bad-they don't get back with people". I was surprised how he already knew my plight with this company. It is easy to get an apt., to take your credit card information and then you never hear from them again.

Brady is the worse, can't get past to speak to a manager to clarify things. When I voice my frustration, as anyone would do, Brady says "Well, find another company."

Filing complainants with the BBB, State Attorney General's office (as this does include fraud-can't take peoples monies and not perform ANY work).

Also, calling the National Pest Control Association to file a complaint.

If a contractor from an entirely different company knows of this, it seems too common place that this happens and it is their means of doing business.

I support peer to peer customer reviews on many of my jobs. So, I am paying it forward and warning others not to utilize this company. As Brady says "Maybe you should find another company".

Hope this helps others.

Jul 24, 2018

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