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this company is a scam they are all run by GOPINATH BHASKARPILLAI Lotus interworks aka Lotus Junction aka a big scam
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  •   Jul 08, 2009

    this is and probly anochor house as well

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  • Sa
      Jul 09, 2009



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  •   Jul 09, 2009

    sally sally you are full of it I hope the $8;00 an hour is worth it

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  • Sa
      Jul 09, 2009

    Much to your own shagrin, (thescamkilla), I make more money than you will ever in a life time. You definitely got it twisted. I DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPNAY.
    I have a beautiful home, so don't be a hater because you are not smart enough to get yours nor have the fortitude to learn how to get one. I guess you evidently have plenty of time on your hands with nothing better to do with your time than to sit and write bogus complaints on people and or businesses than are helping people. YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE AND A JOB MAYBE AN 8:00 DOLLAR AN HOUR WOULD SUIT YOU JUST FINE ...WITH YOUR BRAIN POWER .

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  • Bo
      Jul 10, 2009

    I have find this to be a great company also! No I don't work for them but I have use their service and I was so please that I referred other friends and family members.

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  • In
      Jul 10, 2009

    I am sort of confused with all things concerning this company to be honest. I actually accepted a position to work for them 2wks ago when it was called and now it is called from home and had to pull myself away to completely analyze the legtimacy of the whole ordeal.

    Just seeing these complaints raises more than an eyebrow. The agent Log In sites keep changing as well as the script and rules. When the customer calls in to inquire about the ad they saw and you can't pull up the actual ad to assist them with that property it is so frustrating.

    I mean you have to immediately try to move into persuading them that there is a fee to have more access to that property as well as to have access to additional properties across the US. This fee can be adjusted on a sliding scale from low to high that would make it worthwhile. Then the key points of interest is that each price selection is tailored to the clients interest and specifics.

    Can you say HARD SALE???????? I am used to making very good money in the ranges from $18 to $35 per hour for other projects that I have done in the past. It's just hard to find those legitimate online opportunities. Times are too hard to be dedicating hours upon hours a day and not generating any funds.

    I'd much rather be paid for my hours of logging in and taking the calls and make commision on the sale honestly. The compensation when you work from home is 20% of each sale and you do get paid weekly. As far as those that work for the company at a call center and are making the proposed $8/hr and I guess commission too well I say good for them. At least if their time is being wasted they are at least making a buck, right?

    So I think I am going to see what else comes up on this company. By the way I forgot to mention that the trainers are two young guys and they do a fast paced orientation over the phone. When you need specifics answered about the legitimacy of the company and if they are registered with the BBB wow you should really hear the lame excuse they give.

    In the meantime, I am still searching for stability in other areas of online work. If you have any please forward any leads.


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  • Us
      Jul 11, 2009

    i dont even know what to think of this i really want to try them out they gaurenteed to get my family into a home in 3 weeks i dont know wether to believe it is fraud or give it a try...

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  • Ms
      Jul 13, 2009

    In my experience with fraudulent companies, the email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information are ALWAYS bogus. This means you can't contact anyone through them. You call the number they gave you and it is either disconnected or not in service. Any emails you send get returned.

    So far with this company, I have not had any of those experiences. This DOES appear to be a legit company. However, because I've been using their site for less than a week, I can't make any claims as to the accuracy of their claims to get people into homes in "3 weeks". I was told 3 months or less.

    I don't know who this "TheScamKilla" is, but he/she is incorrect in claiming the site is fake. I would suggest elaborating on exactly when/how you were scammed and then report them to the BBB (BetterBusinessBureau) if you are serious about your claims.

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  • Hu
      Jul 15, 2009

    I hate this company! The search was crap! I live in Houston and i dot have the time to search individual zip codes. After the search is pulled up you have limited viewing in the map view, so I couldnt even zoom put to see the area the house was in. I called same day i signed up and they refused to refund. Horrible customer service! Still trying to get money back!

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  • Ni
      Jul 16, 2009

    Look at Sally Winston, she posts conflicting stories on different sites all the time about them.

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  • Sa
      Jul 23, 2009

    SCAM!! I just called Homes Price Line regarding a rental property listing that they posted on Craigslist in San Deigo. The guy on the phone didn't even see a listing for the town in San Diego that I was looking at. Then he told me there would be a FEE to see the listing and asked if I had a problem with that. I told him "yes I did" and he just hung up on me. To me that is VERY FISHY! You should never have to pay to see a listing of a Rental home...EVER!

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  • Ri
      Jul 27, 2009

    Short version: is a scam period. They didn't refund as they promised, even though I basically called back in 5 min right after I signed up with someone on the phone.

    Longer version: I put in the zip code to do a search. The listing was so old that I realized the properties was sold 3 months ago (I just happened to have a list of comparative analysis in that neighborhood for a home that I was looking at.). When I called to cancel and point out the evidence the service is no good for me, they blamed it on the lender not informing them of having sold the properties. When I asked for a refund (within 15 min after signing up), they said no supervisor a/v, account services were out at lunch.

    I was stupid to even consider signing up----they advertise on craigslist since I have to look for a rental house now that my lease is up and the homeowner (landlord) wanted to move back here and I still haven't found a home that I want to purchase. It was a great idea "lease to own", but also a great idea for those who want to scam others who need such services too. Be careful and not be stupid like me.

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  • Lo
      Aug 11, 2009

    I responded to an add on Craigslist and got the same hard sell as many here have mentioned. The listing they mentioned on Craigslist was no where to be found by the fella that answered the phone. He of course gave me the tale of how long it would take to get into a home and how they do the title search and all. Then of course came the kicker, it would cost me $208 to see what was available in my area. I can go to the local courthouse to see what is available as far as foreclosures and to the local banks to see what is in preforeclosure. It would take a lot more time but I think I can save the money in this economy since many of the records are online these days. The fact that they did the title searches is what appealed to me most because that can be a costly error if you find that there are liens after you've made your foreclosure purchase but I think after reading the comments here, I'll just do more research and bypass the help of this company. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, you have just saved me some money and apparently a headache.

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  • Ja
      Aug 14, 2009

    I am very worried about using this company, firstly i called late at night and the music played for ages and when the guy came on the phone i too was told that there would be a charge of 250 for 6 months dont trust t at all, s i think im going to pass on this one but does anyone actually know of a company that does sell real rent to own propertioes, in california that would be great.

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  • In
      Aug 16, 2009

    Can you say SCAM! I called 3 seperate times and each time was given different information. The first call I was told that there was a $1.99 fee, the 2nd call he said the fee was $2.50, then the 3rd guy told me $1.99 again. First of all why do I want to fill out an application and give all of my information for something I know NOTHING about. The houses that they show all look WAY to good to be true! The customer service is pathetic at best! Noone knew anything other than they wanted my CC or Debit Card info! Do your homework and check them out with the BBB before you give them anything! Out of 3 calls, asking simple, and understandable questions I got hung up on all 3 times. Possibly because they didn't know the answer or maybe because they figured out that I wasn't giving them my CC or Debit info! Now that is professional. NOT!! BEWARE!!!

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  • Lu
      Aug 17, 2009

    Homespriceline a great service this helps you customize, organize and prioritize your home search whether it's for condos, townhouses, houses or apartments. We have the best prices, for a low one time only fee, we immediately begin contacting the home owner and renters to negotiate and set up a walk - thru for the customer. These statements are based on supposed experiences sometimes mainly coming from former disgruntled employees/independent contractors who may possess bitter/unfavorable attitudes towards the company. Please be a person of your own identity and make consumer decisions according to your own intellect and decision-making process. If there was credit card fraud, where's the proof? Do you have a copy of your consumer report or a file that shows homespriceline was involved in the fraud. That's impossible, we use major credit cards for one to protect the consumer, second, the transaction is processed immediately and third, we have an actual customer service department that's open 6 days a week Monday through Friday from 7am- 6pm PST to assist our customers. Due to high demand, there's is sometimes a hold time just like in every other company. Homespriceline it's incredible, we value high quality of customer service, we assist the customer in the step by step process of finding home to rent, own or pre-foreclosures in a timely manner, Homespriceline has helped people who are nearly on the street that needed a place immediately. The prices are still the same and do not change, We give out all sorts of contact information and tools for the customers to utilize should they have questions and need assistance with the service they purchase.

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  • Wa
      Aug 17, 2009

    I have the answer to getting your money back... every last cent.

    You call your bank and request a chargeback. Google "Chargeback" and look at the wikipedia description.

    Since this company did not do the things that they offered... you have a legitimate complaint and will get you money back.

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  • Ki
      Aug 22, 2009

    SCAM...So I called this company then i researched in on BB then I called them agian. I asked them how long they've been operating for and the sales rep told me 2 months then I asked her how could sally( posted above as already moving into her place, posted 44 days ago) could have already found a place and moved in when it takes 30 days for processing. Also I asked her how many listings she had in my area she asked for a city I said Woodland hills she said ok woodmand hills and told me she had 200 listings there I responded how did you know that if you didn't even pronounce it correctly...fishy.. she bacame very nervous I drilled her for a minute with various questinons on the legitamacy of her company and told her her complany is probably fraud and I would not be working with her. I also asked about the refund policy. If they don't find you a place in six months they give you another 6 months, if you don't find it within a year, well they hope that you would but really your SOL. If you pay another company to help you and that other company finds a place for you then you might get your money back.

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  • Ca
      Sep 01, 2009


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  • Mi
      Sep 02, 2009

    Homespriceline is a big scam, I called there Four different times. The first time I call was August 25th 2009 I was given the price of $200 Dollars, and that its a mortgage take over program where you can take over the mortgage right away you would go talk to the home owner and make a deal. The second time I called was August 28th 2009 just to get some more information I was given another price which was $210 I did not think much of the price change, and the person pretty much gave me the same spill about the title search and much more, I told the person I would call back when I have the money and the person said ok. I was really set on joining this company to help me find a home for me and my child. I decided to do a little research on the company before investing any money well I could not find them any where not online nothing not even the BBB. So I decided to give them another call when I called Sept 02, 2009 I was given another price of $238 I though something is not right well I stumbled across this site and I begin to read and in the process I call one more time the guy I spoke with gave me a totally different spill, it is a lease to own program on the news in philadelphia they were talking about the lease to own programs are a scam the companies you do a lease to own with nerver give you the property and a bunch of stuff you can find it online if you dont believe me. The guy gave me a price of $250 and thats when I knew it was time to stop and dont deal with them plus the guy was very rude and said whatever then hung up on me and that was the last straw. I would stay away from this sight and the craiglist advertisment is a big scam I hope people see this and read it, also you can tell from the readings of the people who work for the my best advise would be to stay away from this company I wish you all the best of luck with finding a home.

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  • Th
      Sep 08, 2009

    I just called for the third time, and yes all different versions of what they do, the prices is a scam, they should be held accountable for this. It's outrageous!

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  • Us
      Sep 10, 2009

    from what I saw when I acutally went to work there the company is very disorganized, they bring you into training which is a joke, to say the least, and they have people that randomly post stuff on craigslist that more than likely not even in there database. And if your looking to be a call center manager there forget about it your a telemarketer with little mangement, that you do.

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  • Go
      Sep 11, 2009

    From Houston
    We saw the posting on craigslist, gave them a call; they explained pretty much what the comments stated. They quoted us at $250.00 and the second time we called, they mention the only way you can sign up to get a code is by paying...sooooo they we really trying to get my husband credit card info. Also they mentioned they were open 24/7, but the agent wasn't available to help us.. My husband and I were told one thing verses another. Everything I heard was questionable, come on this company has this program setup to offer you nothing that you can't already do on your own...think about it. The only number I seen was [protected] on the site They have to answer to the most high and God have mercy on they soul!

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  • Ca
      Sep 12, 2009

    I agree this definitely seems like a bogus company. Tell your friends.

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  • Un
      Sep 23, 2009

    I believe all of your complaints are ligitament, but maybe a bit misguided. From what I can tell, the majority of people complaining about this company have done nothing more than call to get information. Very few people on this complaint board have actually purchased the product and had a bad experience. Also, the major complaint is that the price continues to change everytime you call and that sounds "fishy." Well the previous employee already told you that the employees can give you a discount. So just ask for it, and I'm sure you will get it. I have a friend that works for this company, and I can tell you that he has worked for very shady companies before, and refuses to do it again. He actually gives eache of his clients his direct line which is also his home line, and has yet to have a single one call and complain about their service. Don't you people think that if people were really getting scammed they would call him to complain? If you don't want to buy the service, then don't. These people didn't call you, you called them. If you don't feel comfortable with this company, that is fine, but don't say it is a scam until you have more proof than calling and getting different prices.

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  • Bi
      Sep 27, 2009

    I tried out their lowest priced service today, which comes down to paying $60 to get basic site access to their listings. I would say good and bad.

    Bad because baiting people with unfounded Craigslist postings is just plain wrong. Actually, horribly wrong. It's also a PR nightmare to end up with negative posts all over search engines like this one.

    Good beacuase it saves time for serious deal shoppers and there are some bargains to be found on the site on their deal pages specifically. The opportunities need to be worked still independently of the site, it's just a faster way of finding them. I would say the site is set up for the uber-aggressive buyer who will understand a "deal" opportunity and act on it, kind of like all the Larry Sheets followers out there.

    It's definitely not good for the "lay" consumer who just needs MLS or rental listings. What's funny is they pull a lot of their normal purchase and rental listings from local established sites. Why not just go to those instead, like Craigslist or Redfin, which are both free? You've also got RealtyTrac for foreclosures, which is very real and very legit. Tough business. Hence, the crappy Craigslist posts to suck people in.

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  • Li
      Sep 28, 2009

    I called this company today after seeing the post on Craigslist. I have mixed feelings about it. The guy was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He didn't seem nervous or stumble when I asked him about my concerns on fraud. But I realize this guy could be a pretty good actor.

    Then I read about what a "scam" it is. My husband and I are concerned because we have been scammed a couple of times and are scared to have this happen to us again. However, I have talked to some friends who are lawyers and they say that rent-to-own is legitimate and smart during these hard times. Both seller and purchaser can win. But the problem is finding legitimate companies that can help or renters who are not scammers.

    The poster "unbiased" is right though. There are a lot of bad posts complaining about sales people. They are, after all, trying to sell their services. I see nothing wrong with that if it is legitimate and sound. I would pay $200 if I can get a home at the end of the day. Totally worth it. But then again, I would hate to lose $200.

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  • Ch
      Sep 29, 2009

    This company is listing there stuff on CRAIGSLIST. I actually called and they answered the phone with a "HELLO" no company name and immediantly asked for Name, Number and CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FOR 250.00. NO legite company would do this with out some kind of professional documentation, or evn answering the phone with a simple " HELLO" . THIS IS A SCAM, HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS, If we werent smart enough to know this we might have been part of their scam!!!

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  • Se
      Sep 29, 2009

    What bothers me most, is that people charge for the very services that they could be compensated in doing the loan, or selling/renting the property. If anyone truly wants to buy or rent-to-buy a home, give me a call [protected]. I will gladly walk anyone through the process. And, I will not ask for a credit card, nor will I ask you to send me any money. All I ask is that you allow me to refer you to the property owner, realtor, or loan officer. If you will allow that, I will GLADLY share my 15 years of legitimate real estate investing experience. Whether it is short sales, tax sales, lease options, rent to buy, first time home buyers, real estate investing, apartment building purchases, commercial purchases, I can help you get it done. The best part!!! I charge you nothing. I don't refer you to anyone who will ask you for bogus search fees.

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  • Ih
      Sep 29, 2009

    You guys are all ###ed. If you didn't have bad credit, you wouldn't be searching ALL OVER the internet looking for companies like this. Your also the same idiots that use craigslist to begin with. Happy hunting for homes and not paying outrageous interest rates you poor ### who think everything is a scam. Happy renting and giving your money to someone else who lets you basically pay for their homes.

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  • Du
      Oct 03, 2009

    All you people who are talking about the BBB B.S. DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!! The BBB is a PAID COMPANY!! You pay to get a good rating with them, and if you investigate a good SOLID company like Homespriceline you would think you would have the brain power to do the same wtih the "SO CALLED" BBB. This is the ultimate scam, sure they could pay thousands of dollars and get that good rating but they are above that, and let there good reputaion speak for it self. The only people that complain are the ones that are afraid to sign up because they are broke, and have nothing better to do with their time!! You people are sad, not one person on here who has complained acually HAS, or HAD the service!!
    A. Dont knock it till you try it, because it worked for me!!
    B. IF you live in ### BAG, Oaklahoma dont expect a whole lot of homes to chose from, if any, and then come back and complain cause you live in the boonies and cant get into the 1 home there!!!

    Chew on that

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  • Ev
      Oct 06, 2009

    Me and my fiance are iffy about beacuse the guy gave us his real cell number i called and it was him...the number was [protected] and the original number i called was 1866-376-8057we have the money to do this but after reading somethings on here it makes us double think. but true you can't knock it less you try it. the guy told me his name was don and the email he sent said donald as well...thinking about this one..he was very polite..and i must have called him with a million question which he answered i'm confused.

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  • Fa
      Oct 06, 2009

    Could some of the people that have actually spent the 200 or the 60 dollars please respond because all of this speculation does nothing to help a real person, who doesn't work for priceline. so basically if you don't know for sure please stop clogging up the blog because i need some facts. thank you for understanding

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  • Ur
      Oct 09, 2009

    this is great!!! i just signed up for there standard package, but not without getting a discount, you do have to ask for it. I was able to customize my searches within the area that im looking at and it gave me just what i was looking for. I am sceptical about internet scams, but if you ever tried looking on your own, its a complete nightmare. Now i just have to sign on with and there i get most of the information im looking for LIKE AN ACTUAL CONTACT and listing. This just saved me a lot of time and energy, thank you for the service. Ive realize that after trying this on my own, I get the run around more times then not and Im to busy to keep up and extremely need a service that can do the leg work for me.

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  • Rl
      Dec 18, 2009

    I am a technologist and don't feel people should be scammed. I too am looking for a rental and found this company on In turn, I gave them a call waited in a phone queue for about 3 minutes. When they answered they seemed fairly nice. I spoke with a woman named Elizabeth. I asked if they had a website because I wanted to look over the legitimacy of their company. She pointed me to where you could purchase their service. Here is the BIG BEWARE...the company does not process your credit card information across the internet securely. Any legitimate ecommerce business (company doing financial transactions over the internet) would have a SSL cite certificate. In other words you would see HTTPS:// in front of their instead of the plan old HTTP://. After hearing that people were not getting refunds that bothered me, so I looked up their address and direct information using the Internet. And as thescamkilla noted they function under another name called Lotus Management ( and Lotus Interworks ( As an additional bit of information and for all those that want to fight for your money or be a pain you can call their direct line of [protected]. Also, their email address is [protected] Overall, if they were a legitimate company they would register themselves with a trusted SSL cite certificate company (which verifies their business operations) and we would see that. And let’s just say they are a REAL company with bad technologists working for them, then they are practicing bad business by sending your credit card and personal identification information across the internet where it can be captured and used by other scrupulous people. Just for that reason alone I wouldn't purchase anything from them, especially considering the huge amounts of identification theft going on these days. Good luck to everyone trying to find a different home. I wish you the best.

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  • Ch
      Dec 28, 2009

    rlsmoov1, thanks a lot!!!

    You saved me a bunch of empty hopes and possibly a headache with a CC fraud.
    I posted an ad on a Craigslist (looking for a place to rent) and received a call from the woman named Elizabeth, looks the same as you described. She started explaining she represents a company that "helps tenants to connect to desperate landlords trying to pay their mortgages in this market", that she works from her home office in LA, the price for service is $40, and I would receive "the code" after paying with a credit card. Oops, total match!

    So these slimy guys are still in business.

    I asked, how do they check if the listing is valid not expired (visiting? personally? each of 500.000 listings? really?), and she acted as she was answering some other question, pretty wordy, with a lot of details not really relevant to the question asked, but looking as if she is trying to help me. I inquired the company name several times - same effect, and after I asked "will I REALLY get to know the company name only AFTER I pay???", she mentioned priceline, I opened the website immediately and asked why has nothing about room or apartment rentals on the front page. She explained they have a lot of affiliate companies for that, I still wasn't getting how it works (honestly, I was still believing it is a legitimate service there), and asked some follow-up questions. She immediately started wrapping up to call the next client (despite the fact we talked about 20 minutes about something not tightly related to the business).
    Her Caller ID was blank, but she gave me her "direct line", looked good for the beginning, but when I asked what's the best time to reach her, she started getting into details, and the more details she gave - the more was getting unclear, until she ended up confirming she never picks up the call, and the voice mail is the only option (final "BINGO"). She hang up on a half-phrase, I Googled for "priceline + scam" and got here in less than 15 seconds.

    1. Dealing with ANY online service, there is NO such thing as "inconvenient" question or "manners" (no need to be really rude, but you have to interrupt the speaker if you don't hear the answer to your question). Nice guys get cheated first.
    2. "Presumption of innocence" DOES NOT EXIST online, period. Not anymore! Nowadays EVERY must be treated as a SCAM by default, until they prove the opposite.

    If everyone starts following these two simple rules, the online scams will stop growing and start ceasing very soon.

    Must die!

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  • Jd
      Jan 14, 2010

    This company has a customer support department that does answer their phone. It offers rental/rent to own services that save time and money. It does not offer to do EVERYTHING for the consumer which is the basis of many of the complaints.

    They only refund if you locate a listing on the internet that was not in their data base or if no listings exist for the specified city. As far as unknowledgable people, they exist in all companies. Chargebacks have to be heavily documented with Credit card companies and are not easy to get. Companies with numerous charge back requests (relative to the amount processed)lose their card processing privileges.

    EVERY single large corporation has complaints on the internet. This company operates across state lines and is therefore regulated by the Federal Trade Commission who regularly listens in on calls. If rent to own services were all a scam, the FTC would have shut them down by now. As far as the BBB- it was started by the mafia as a better way to do business. Companies that are accredited members are buying that rating. I have worked ( and quit)shyster companies that have an "A" rating with the BBB- they just knew how to work the system. I would suggest that the consumer decide if getting the best possible deal by having access to the most data and using time saving methods is worth the fee and proceed from there.

    It is interesting to note that most of the complaints are LOADED with mispellings and poor grammar- indicative of lack of education.

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  • St
      Jul 19, 2010

    I did fall for homes priceline because I was going to be home less. And yes they did take me.Now I can't even get on their web site with my so called pass word.They did answer the phone but left me on hold FOR EVER.Then disconected me.

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  • Il
      Sep 26, 2010

    It seems that this company is still out ther -Lotus Interworks. I am looking for a house for rent (in Huntington Beach CA) and I found a listing on Craigslist with the statement "lease with the option to own." This peaked my interested so I called the number provided onlin. I was placed on queue, supposedly I was the 7th person on hold. Then a lady by the name of Sharon answered and asked me for a reference number...sounds ligitimate. She stated that the property is still available. But I will have to pay $160 to have access to the subject property or even see photos. I stated what if I don't find any properties which will suite my needs? She explained that she's part of a private company with property listing in the area of over 6300, and 63 of those properties have the option to own. She added that these properties are on short sale / foreclosure. The owners do not want to have a foreclosure record on their credit report; the owners are desparate to have tenant. I asked for the name of the company so that I can check it out online. She acted as if she didn't hear my question and continued ask for my credit card information. Again I asked for the name of the company, then she responded by asking me questions as if she didn't hear me. Then she continued to tell me that there will be no credit check as long as I am earning twice the rent amount then I am a shoe in. Then she proceeded to ask for my credit card number. I figured she will continue to dodge my question on the company, so I told her that leasing to own is a great concept and that I believe there should be more companies out there providing her service. After my complementing statement I asked for the third time about the name of the company. She finally said, "Lotus Interworks." I excused myself and said that I will have get my husband's approval. Sharon understood and provided her direct phone number.

    I cannot confirm that this company is a scam since I didn't move forward with providing my credit card information; however, from the statements above, I've identify with similar experience. Thank you so much for the statements; they are very helpful.

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