Homer Skelton ford millington / unreliable used car

1 9039 highway 51 n, Millington, TN, United States

i purchased a 2007 jeep commander 12-28-2011 from homer skelton millimgton, i paid $16162.09 and the car had 60232 miles, i declined the warranty that was offered assuming that a car with this few miles and the price i paid that surely i would be ok. i went out of town the next day and the oil light started coming on. i kept checking the oil. when i got back to town i called the salesmanjoey starkley many times to no avail. i finally went to the dealership and talked to the sales manager and he had joey respond to me. they replaced the oil sensor at no charge. the transmission has started jumping out of gear, rmp's running too high and the transmission straining durning this process. i was told to call the jeep dealership and see if there was a lifetime warranty on the car and was told it wasn't transferrable. i went to homer today and was told by both joey the saleman and the manager randy hart that i was offered the warranty and declined it, so they would not do anything. they said they couldn't fix every car they sold so i was on my own. and once again i should have bought the warranty. i kept stating i had only had the car 83 days today and had only 64, 000 miles, that i expected the car to last longer than 83 days. i think this is poor customer relations. i even asked if i could give the car back and pick out another one and randy said no, you can trade the jeep in and buy another one from us if you want. they also stated that they went over the car with a fine tooth comb at their expense and found nothing wrong. the oil sensor had oil pouring out of it when they raised the hood. Needless to day homer skelton will never get my business or anyone that i know. i will tell everyone how i was treated. unhappy customer:
jeremy adams
4474 jamerson ave
memphis tn 38654

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